15 Tips To Help You Be A TOTALLY Chilled Out Bride!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
15 Tips To Help You Be A TOTALLY Chilled Out Bride!


Your wedding – the most beautiful, magical time of your life. Right? Well, one would think so! But the truth is, Indian weddings have so many functions and so many people that it usually becomes super-hectic, especially for the bride. This is why most people say you can’t enjoy your own wedding! But the good news is that the trend is changing! Brides are going, like, why should boys have all the fun? Follow these tips and we guarantee you’re going to be a super-awesome, chilled-out bride – whenever your big day comes! 🙂

1. While planning your wedding, space out your functions

With back to back functions and heavy lehengas, it’s the bride who ends up feeling totally fatigued. So keep this in mind while planning the wedding itself.

2. Get enough sleep!

It’s so tempting to hang out with all the cousins, but you know what? They don’t have to stand on stage for five hours and smile at strangers tomorrow. You do!

chilled out bride 2

3. Accept help during the planning process and after!

As much as you are great at planning and have very specific ideas for your wedding, the truth is you can’t be everywhere! You can’t be part of every food tasting and you can’t personally supervise every decorator. So instead of tiring yourself out, just accept help from your family and friends and trust that they’ll do a good job!

4. Grow a thick skin

The sad thing is people have too many opinions. Instead of sparing the bride as she enjoys her wedding, they actually come up to you and say the darnedest things. The trick is to ignore them, just smile and move along. You are the bride, for heaven’s sake – you can even play deaf and get away with it!

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5. Eat, please!

In all the frenzy and fun, most brides don’t eat. It’s only too common for brides to then start feeling faint later when the exhaustion sets in. So if someone’s offering you food, please take it. If no one is offering you food, ask for it! Oh – and it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter if the camera is on you!

6. Don’t get obsessed with perfection

If your mehendi doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted, or say the decor isn’t what you expected…please don’t sulk! It’s your big day, trust us, no one even knows about these things going wrong. So just learn to let things go, and enjoy your big day.

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7. Be selfie friendly!

We live in the age of social media, and trust us when we say that everyone wants a selfie with the couple! So just know in advance that it’s going to happen and be prepared to take tons of selfies. Don’t be awkward and don’t always give them your perfect smile. Be silly, pout, do what you want – just have fun!

8. Wear what YOU want to wear

If a 20-kg lehenga is just not your style, then please don’t feel compelled to wear it. Lots of brides are opting for light, breezy fabrics and cleaner silhouettes. It’s a great time to be getting married, really – fashion wise! Brides have become so much more experimental.

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9. Wear a manageable heel

Don’t go for sky-rocketing stilettos – you will, most likely, regret it. Go for a length and style of heel you can totally manage. Trust us, your comfort (or lack of it) will totally show on your face.

10. You don’t have to be a “demure” bride!

People have these perceptions of a pretty, dainty, shy bride who is supposed to smile in a corner while her friends dance. If that’s not you, it’s totally okay! You be yourself – don’t care what anyone says. Trust us on this. Munni, Sheila, Fevicol – choose your jam and rock the dance floor!

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11. Have happy helpers!

Discuss this beforehand and put people in charge of you – it could be your sister or your best friend. But this person will have specific duties, like helping you go to the loo, saving you from that annoying aunt, getting you a drink (in a glass with a tissue around it so no one knows). But trust us, they will be your saviours and will help you enjoy the wedding the most!

12. Be organized!

We cannot stress on this point enough. In order to be a chilled out bride who isn’t stressing during the wedding functions, you have to be a little organized in advance. Right from which car is going to take you to and fro, to who is coordinating with the makeup artist…figure out these things in advance. While it may seem very control-freak-like at first, you will understand the importance of it later when there’s no frenzy! Think of your wedding as the biggest project of your life. Are you telling us you wouldn’t prep for a project?

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13. Contingency kits

Part of being organized is carrying – by that we mean having someone carry – a pouch with safety pins, flat chappals, perfume, lipstick, hair pins, etc., along with you wherever you go. Imagine how chilled out you will feel knowing that even if something goes wrong…it’s not an issue. Not one that cannot be fixed anyway!

14. Have a talk with the photographers beforehand

If you are uncomfortable posing, you should give your photographers a disclaimer. So that they don’t ask you to pose and embarrass you in front of people! And if candid pics aren’t your thing, ask the photographers to always warn you when they’re trying to score a photo op.

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15. Make it magical for you and your groom!

Even though you sit right next to him during the functions, you both barely get to talk! Make sure you steal away moments with your groom. Share a joke with him, make him laugh. Crib in his ear about how tired you are. If someone pulls you to dance, you pull him too! The most chilled-out brides are the ones who make their wedding about love and happiness, not some show for strangers to enjoy.  

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