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6 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer

6 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer

The one magic team that can totally up your wedding game is the photographer duo. And you’ve got to find the perfect wedding photographer – who not just clicks photos but also guides you through every step. Just keep these pointers in mind. PS: Just beware of studiowalas who claim to do ‘candid’ photography. Because candid is not just about clicking someone unaware, it’s a whole lot more.


1. Itne paise main…

Draw out a budget for the photographer. Check out websites to get an idea of the current rates, ask around or make a few phone calls. A decent candid wedding photographer charges anything between 30-40K per day. The package would include still edited pictures of the ceremony. Charges go up if you want a videographer as well or a 2 minute wedding movie.

wedding photographer

2. Get a jumpstart

The good ones get fully booked up a year in advance. The first step is to raid Facebook and Instagram! Look through albums and understand the kinds of photos you like: pictures clicked with natural light, heavy edit work, portraits or traditional photography. Get recommendations from your recently married friends and relatives, and check out the online reviews. Morvi Images, Ramit Batra, Bhumi and Simran come highly recommended.

3. Flip through albums

Once you have a shortlist, ask the photographers to send you albums of recent weddings shot by them. Make sure you see the entire album and not just a few reference shots. Every picture should have a fresh approach and look out for the post-production ‘special effects’ done.

wedding photographer

4. Get on the same page

Schedule meetings with your chosen photographers and figure out their shooting style. Find out who from their team will be shooting on the wedding day and how many pictures they will give. Will you get a CD or a printed album? How much time do they need for post-production? Will they be available to check out the venue, decor or do a test shoot for you? And, most importantly, will they provide all these services within your budget?


5. Let’s go for a test drive!

Now that you’ve picked a photog, select a package that includes either a Save The Date or a pre-wedding shoot. It’s a great way to know your photographer’s working method and to figure out what works best for the three of you. And the pictures, of course, will come out absolutely fab!

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6. Love me, love my photographer

It’s extremely important to be comfortable around your wedding photographer and be on the same wavelength!

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06 May 2016

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