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9 Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Vagina!

9 Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Vagina!

Are you paying enough attention to care down there? Read on to know how to keep your lady parts in tiptop shape. Your vagina will be SO happy you read this! 😉

1. Say No To Soap

Ladies, always remember that your vagina is super sensitive and doesn’t need to be washed with soap. Scented and harsh soaps can mess up its natural pH balance, which can lead to bacterial infections. Water is all you need! Stay far away from douches. You do get feminine washes, which aren’t really necessary, but if you would like to try one, remember they’re for external use only. Also, over-washing can cause irritation.

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2. Cotton Panties Are Perfect

a healthy vagina

Try and avoid tight, spandex undies and thongs. Lacy panties worn too regularly and for too long can also cause irritation. Remember, there’s nothing sexier than a healthy vagina. Cotton panties are breathable and absorb moisture. They won’t trap infection-causing bacteria or chafe against your sensitive parts.

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3. Or Just Go Commando

Sometimes losing the undies all together is healthy. Let your vagina breathe without the constrictions of skinny jeans or tight clothes. It’s a good idea to go sans panties when you’re at home or when you sleep at night.

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4. Vaginal Health Depends On Your Diet

a healthy vagina

Keep your vagina happy by maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. Loading up on fluids is key to vaginal health. Cranberry juice and yogurt help keep yeast infections at bay as well as help treat them. Food that is rich in estrogen, like soybeans, can help prevent dryness down there.

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5. Your Safe Sex Reminder

Protect yourself from STDs and remember to use a condom. As if you need another reason for it! But it’s also said that condoms can help maintain the natural pH balance of your vagina, preventing yeast infections and UTIs.

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6. Does Your Vagina Work Out?

a healthy vagina

Have you heard of Kegels? They’re exercises that are important for strengthening the pelvic floor, which is important for overall health. It also improves bladder control and, not to mention, it helps experience exhilarating sex.

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7. Pre And Post Sex Etiquette

Make it a point to pee before and after sex to wash out UTI-causing germs that can get pushed up the urethra during intercourse. So don’t forget that bathroom trip before getting it on and after too.

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8. Simple Hygiene Steps

a healthy vagina

It’s important to change your underwear often. You should definitely not be wearing the same undies for 24 hours – it’s totally unhealthy since vaginal secretions make it a damp breeding ground for bacteria. Be safe and change your underwear 2 to 3 times a day. The same goes for pads and tampons – remember to change them every few hours.

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9. Don’t Shy Away From The Gynae

It’s super important to visit your gynaecologist once a year to make sure everything is okay, and a cervical exam is also a must! Also, don’t ignore the signs if something is amiss – like itchiness, dryness or any signs of infection.

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05 May 2016

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