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7 Easy Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair – WITHOUT Heat Or Products!

7 Easy Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair – WITHOUT Heat Or Products!

Are frizzy, unmanageable locks the bane of your existence? You’re not alone, girl! Not all of us can splurge on expensive products or spend ages blow drying our manes into submission. Instead, why not put an end to those hair woes for good? We give you some awesome tips on taming your hair without heat and without products for smoother, happier, frizz-free locks. It’s possible!

1. Apply A Dash Of Oil

1 taming on your hair without heat and products

When your hair is wet, swipe on a dash of oil on the ends and mid lengths. This will help lock moisture into your strands and cut down on frizz as your hair dries. Any nourishing oil like almond or coconut oil will do, just remember to add a dash after your head wash to help your strands look healthier and shinier. You can use a dry oil if you like, for it absorbs faster without that chip-chip feeling. Then, when your hair is about ninety percent dry, run a round brush through it to seal the cuticles.

2. Cut Down On Your Washes

By not washing your hair too often, you can cut down on frizz. Frizziness is caused by dryness, and shampooing your hair too often can cause major dryness by stripping the strands of their natural oils. Stretch the time between washes as much as you can and let the natural oils do their thing.

3. Defrizz By Putting Your Hair In A Bun

3 taming on your hair without heat and products

Loose hair is way more prone to frizz than tied hair. After you have shampooed, conditioned and applied dry oil, pull your hair back into a bun when it is damp. This will help your locks dry without frizzing out and can also help give you gorgeous, loose waves.

4. Sleep In A Silk Scarf

The best way to prevent your pillowcase from sucking up all your hair’s moisture is by tying it in a silk scarf. This will help retain the moisture and prevent frizz. You’ll wake up to much smoother locks!

5. Is Your Shampoo Sulfate-Free?

5 taming on your hair without heat and products

Sulfates are super common in shampoos. They’re harsh chemicals that seriously dry out your strands. Dry locks are way more prone to frizz and absorb humidity in the air. Do your mane a favour and make the switch to a sulfate-free shampoo STAT! We love Organix Argan Oil Shampoo (Rs. 725). Also, stay away from styling products that contain alcohol.

6.  Tame A Frizzy Ponytail

It’s supposed to rescue you from a bad hair day, but what do you do when your ponytail turns into a frizz ball? Just grab some lotion from your dresser, rub a little bit between your palms and run your fingers through your hair. This will help tame the frizz as well as add shine and make your ponytail look more polished.

7. Touch Me Not

7 taming on your hair without heat and products

Resist the urge to touch your hair. Sometimes we do it without even realizing it, so try and make a conscious effort to keep your hands off. You break the natural pattern of your hair every time you touch it, which causes frizz.

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21 Jun 2016

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