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10 Little Relationship Milestones You Should Treasure!

10 Little Relationship Milestones You Should Treasure!

There’s the big stuff in relationships that we all cherish and celebrate. The first kiss, the anniversary, the time that he proposed – so on and so forth! But there are other things – tiny things – that are landmark events as well! They indicate that you’ve crossed over to the next phase in your relationship and that you’re going strong with your partner. Here are a few tiny milestones in your relationship you should cherish!


1. When one of you does something embarrassing during sex…

… But neither of you are embarrassed at all!

relationship milestones 1

2. That time when both of you have separate commitments, to fulfil so you end up going out to separate places on a Saturday night…

… But you wish the other person was there each time something remotely entertaining happens. 🙂

3. When you both together fib to your friends or family about not being able to make it somewhere

You love all of them, but you just kind of want to spend the evening alone, watching a movie and talking to each other!

relationship milestones 3

4. When you both go off on a completely random holiday together without even really telling anyone!

You fell off the grid for a bit, only to get closer to each other! 🙂

5. When you have a language of your own and start to complete each other’s sentences!

You also say a lot of the same things and have many similar opinions about things.

relationship milestones 5

6. You start calling each other by your silly pet names even in front of your friends!

And you don’t feel awkward at all! Who cares? It’s what you call him out of love!

7. When you “chill” with each other after one of you has come back from a workout – in the same sweaty clothes!

Neither of you really care. “Don’t go in for a shower yet. Your favourite song is on!”

relationship milestones 7

8. When one of you starts talking about the future randomly, and it includes the other

And there isn’t even a hint that either of you is freaking out!

9. When the two of you are all by yourselves for hours or days at stretch

And there is never a dull moment. You’re, like, the perfect two-person group!

relationship milestones 9

10. When people start calling you when they can’t reach the other!

“We’re not together right now, but I’ll give him your message”. There’s just something special about saying that!

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05 May 2016

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