23 Thoughts We Have When EVERYONE Around Is Getting Married!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Weddings can be fun, but oh-so hectic. AND kinda maddening. “Why does it feel like EVERYONE I know is getting married? Did I miss some memo?” Yes, that is only the first of many thoughts that go through our heads when there’s a list of weddings lined up in front of us!

1. Uff, WHYYY is this happening?

everyone getting married 1

2. But FOOD. So fine.

3. Why do people feel the need to have so many functions? Where am I supposed to get so many clothes from?

everyone getting married 3

4. Time to shop. AGAIN. Never thought I would actually get tired of this.

5. AND I’ll have to buy a present too. Maybe I should just buy 10 of the same dinner sets. At least I’ll get a discount.

everyone getting married 5

6. Will I have to invite ALL of these people to my wedding too? God, I hope not.

7. But hey, what if my boyfriend gets it into his head to propose too? Wait, do I want him to? Um.

everyone getting married 7

8. Wonder what my engagement party should be like? Hmm, no – focus, focus!

9. Honestly, though, by the time it’s my turn, I’ll be a PRO at wedding planning.

everyone getting married 9

10. Ugh, even my Facebook feed’s starting to look like a wedding album! Fine, I’ll also post some attending-all-these-shaadis pics.

11. Oh, but I have to be careful about not putting up too many pictures! It’s only just the first wedding. And I still need to repeat all these clothes!

everyone getting married 11

12. If I have to dance on Babydoll one more time, I’m going to kill myself!

13. But at least all these sangeet practices are taking care of my cardio.

everyone getting married 13

14. By the time I get married, I hope all my friends won’t be too busy having babies to dance at MY sangeet?!

15. I’m a pro at pulling off heels with a sari now! So. Much. Practice!

everyone getting married 15

16. Ugh, getting these grass stains off of them is going to be hell.

17. All I get in the mail is peoples’ wedding invitations. And bills, of course. But mostly invitations.


everyone is getting married 17

18. At least there are no aunties asking me when I’m planning to have kids right? 😛 Oh wait, spoke too soon.

19. They’ve obviously invited like 10,000 people to this wedding. People actually know THAT many people?

everyone is getting married 19

20. At least then there ought to be some cute guys at these weddings!

21. Also, no one will notice if I don’t go to the pheras! Right?

everyone is getting married 21

22. Why can’t any of these people have a destination wedding? Even Goa would do! I NEED a vacation.

23. Whatever – they still have free alcohol! Bring ’em on!

everyone is getting married 23

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