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27 Thoughts We’ve All Had About Our Boyfriend’s Girl Bestie!

So, we all know this situation a bit too well! You’ve started dating a guy you really like. Things are going well – so well, actually, that he wants you to meet his best friend! You’re ecstatic, over the moon even –  until you realize that this elusive bestie that he’s been talking about for so many weeks is, in fact, not a dude…but a girl! We bring you 27 thoughts that cross our mind when we have to deal with our bae’s “bae”. (Don’t worry, you’re not alone – we’ve all been there!)

1. Why is he so close to another girl?

2. Am I not his best friend then?

3. Wait, if “pyaar dosti hai”, am I TINA in this whole thing?

boyfriends bestie love is friendship

4. Are they going to get together if we break up?

5. Okay, I shouldn’t get paranoid. I trust him…

6. But can I trust HER?

7. Um, do they have a past that I know nothing about?

8. Hmm. How can I ask him this without sounding completely hysterical?

boyfriends bestie freaking out

9. She better not think I’m jealous of her!

10. I wonder if she’s jealous of me… I think she might be.

11. Is that just because I’m fabulous (!) or because she wants to be more than friends with him?

boyfriends bestie trust

12. Hmm. Maybe I should become friends with her too. You know what they say, keep your enemies closer…

13. Argh, should I just tell him that it makes me uncomfortable that she’s always around?

14. No, no – that would just make me sound crazy paranoid and he’d be all “Whaaa?”

15. And I’ll just have to feel all guilty about being jealous over nothing.

boyfriends bestie jealous

16. I guess he’s known her longer than he’s known me, and they haven’t got together (yet) – so maybe they ARE just friends after all…

17. I bet she has a crush on him – he’s so cute!

18. OMG, is she his “substitute” girlfriend when I’m out of town?

19. Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend???

20. I should set her up!

21. Dammit, I wish I had more guy friends to set her up with.

22. I should start hanging out with guys all the time, see how he’d feel!

boyfriends bestie guys

23. Whatever, he loves ME. And she’s not that bad, I guess.

24. It’s nice to have another girl around when we’re at parties with his other friends.

25. And she DOES always offer to drop me home.

boyfriends bestie end

26. Maybe she’s just a really nice girl and that’s why they’re best friends…

27. (Though I really do wish she’d start seeing someone!)

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05 May 2016

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