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21 Thoughts That Go through Every Girl’s Mind When She Opens Her Closet!

No one’s an exception here. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up for a party, a hot date or a casual coffee – we are all guilty of these 21 thoughts that go through every girl’s mind when she opens her closet to get ready, every single time! Ladies, if you agree, say aye. 😉


1. OMG, I don’t have anything to wear!


2. I think I need a wardrobe makeover.

3. Where did my favourite top go??

4. Why is my closet such a mess?

5. Why is what I want to wear always in the laundry?! And this skirt I can’t wear because it still has that oil stain from last time! (Damn.)

6. God, why don’t I go to the gym more often? My legs look HUGE. And my tummy is bulging so much in this outfit!

point6 (1)

7. Where did all this stuff come from?

8. When did I last wear this dress? There are pics of me in it on Facebook from a couple months ago, hope no one remembers…

9. Should I give some of my old stuff to charity?

10. I REALLY need more space! I can never find anything.


11. Nothing fits. NOTHING.

12. Oh God, does this dress look too revealing? Maybe I shouldn’t take an auto alone while wearing this…

13. I think I need to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe.

14. I can’t find a single thing in this closet! (*Conveniently blames mom for cleaning it up.*)


15. Can’t decide which shoes go best with this dress. (*Wears a different one on each foot and takes a poll among family members/roommates.*)

16. Um, is it time to start wearing longer hems and non-bodycon fits?

17. Need to send a pic to Pooja to see what she thinks.

18. Time for a selfie!


19. Will he will like this outfit? Is it too OTT? Maybe I should stick to something more classic!

20. It’s only dinner – am I overdressed?


21. Last time I went OTT, but now I feel like I might be under-dressed!?!

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06 May 2016

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