Too Lazy To Shampoo? Here’s A DIY Hair Perfume To Leave Your Locks Smelling Super Fresh!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Apr 14, 2020
Too Lazy To Shampoo? Here’s A DIY Hair Perfume To Leave Your Locks Smelling Super Fresh!

Quarantine life is so chill that you can spend the entire day working from home in your pyjamas, with no makeup on and your hair happily unkempt. While all that is great, let’s not forget about keeping up with our hygiene standards. We don’t have to necessarily look like a million bucks, but it’s important to feel good, especially during a time like this. Whether it’s having a relaxing warm shower or making a DIY face mask from scratch, take a moment to pamper yourself during the day. Speaking of DIYs, did you know that you can make your own hair perfume for women at home? And that too, using basic, natural ingredients. We’ll show you how!

What Makes Hair Perfumes So Special Anyway?

Hair perfumes are pretty expensive in the market, they’re also pretty hard to find. Luxury brands often sell hair perfumes, but a lot of them are made using alcohol. The cheapest one with a decent quality starts at 500 Rs. It’s also easier to purchase them online than find them in stores (Hence, this tiny DIY experiment) Think of your hair to be a natural diffuser. Since your hair follicles tend to absorb odour naturally, the scents of shampoos, conditioners and perfumes linger long even after washing your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is unwashed or not groomed well, you have to ensure that your roots don’t stay too greasy and your locks still smell divine. 

How To Make Your Own DIY Hair Perfume


Trust us, your hair is going to love you for this. 

Here’s what you need

  • 1 cup of rose water
  • Leave-in conditioner (skip this if you have oily or limp hair)
  • Essential oil (lavender/lemongrass/sweet orange)
  • Aloe gel

Step 1: In a bowl, add 1 cup of fresh rose water.

Step 2: Add 1/2 a teaspoon of leave-in conditioner.


Step 3: Add 5-6 drops of essential oil and 1 teaspoon of aloe gel. Increase the ratio of the essential oil if you want the fragrance to be stronger. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment here, you can use any combination of essential oils to customise your hair perfume.

Step 4: Use a toothpick to mix all the ingredients and pour the mix into a spray bottle

Step 5: Store in a dark, cool place

Use this after you shower or in-between hair washes. It will make your hair feel soft and smell super fresh!

Every time you want to use this, give it a little shake first. Also, flip your hair upside down so that the scent spreads easily and stays on for a long while. 

And just like that, you’re done! Wasn’t this easy?

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