11 Things You’ll Only Get If You Had An Arranged Marriage!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
11 Things You’ll Only Get If You Had An Arranged Marriage!


When your parents roll up their sleeves and get down to finding the perfect guy for you, be assured you’re gonna get married soon. Here are 11 things you’ll only get if your marriage was arranged by parents:

1. It all started with your dad informing every other adult in the family to find a ‘suitable’ guy for you…

And now that you agreed to let him find you one, your far-in-future marriage and groom-hunting were the only topics of discussion, at all times, at all places.

marriage was arranged by parents

2. Your dad even asked you to give him a pretty picture of yourself…

He actually convinced you into getting a professional photoshoot done for the same. It was the most annoying thing you did – posing in that saree for that photographer. Uff!

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3. You also heard distant relatives talk about X guy, from Y place, earning so much…

And some of them even asked you to talk to a few of these ‘prospects’ on phone! Those conversations were just awkward.

marriage was arranged by parents

4. However, you stalked the guys at length on FB

…Especially if you felt your parents were particularly interested in them. You had to do your ground research, right?

5. You often told your friends how nervous you were about this whole arranged marriage set-up

…Where you weren’t even sure how the guy might turn out to be, let alone his family. You almost felt like you were risking everything.

marriage was arranged by parents

6. Which is why your friends and siblings prepared you with a long list of questions to ask that guy at the first rishta meeting

But when you actually met him, you found yourself surprisingly tongue-tied and the two of you just ended up chatting about random stuff.

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7. And just like that, in that one meeting, your parents formalized your wedding and everybody started congratulating you!

And all the way back home, you only kept repeating to yourself, “Wow! Did I just get engaged?”

marriage was arranged by parents

8. But over the next few months, courtship kicked in and you had the best time of your life!

The stranger you met that first day you couldn’t really talk to? Yeah, you couldn’t talk enough to him later. And his parents and family? They didn’t seem much different from your family either.

9. In fact, all the shopping and preparation kinda got you all excited about the wedding

And you started to look forward to it, even if it was only because you’d get to wear all those gorgeous clothes you bought!

marriage was arranged by parents

10. You had trouble believing just how much everyone was pampering you – left, right and centre

It was like your family was spoiling you crazy ’coz you were gonna leave them soon, and his parents were giving in to all your demands, ’coz you were gonna be a part of their family just as soon. Win, win!

11. In the end, you were just super glad that you let your parents find your partner for you…

’Coz he turned out to be everything you wished for. You felt like you were falling in love and your arranged marriage was turning into a love story.

marriage was arranged by parents

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