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NEVER The Loudest In The Room? 10 Things You’ll Totally Get!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
NEVER The Loudest In The Room? 10 Things You’ll Totally Get!


Being soft-spoken is a both a boon and a (slight) curse. While everyone loves you and thinks you’re just so polite, you have to repeat yourself multiple times on multiple occasions! From your family to your friends, no one seems to understand that that is just your natural volume! “Ooncha bolo, beta” is not a line you are unfamiliar with – AT ALL. Here are 10 things you will totally get if you’re always soft-spoken!!

1. No one has ever heard you talk with your voice raised. EVER.

Not even the sabziwaala rang the bell at 6 a.m. on Sunday, demanding you buy fresh vegetables from him!

soft spoken

2. In fact, it takes everyone a long time to register when you are angry or when you yell.

And then they just shut up. Because they’re SO in shock!

3. All the aunties of the world love you and only have one thing to say about you.

“Kitni acchhi ladki hai. Sab baat sunti hai!”

soft spoken

4. Your grandparents are constantly asking you to repeat yourself.

Sunaai nahi diya. Zor se bolo, beta.

5. And all your friends are constantly telling you to open up and speak louder.

They don’t get it that that’s the loudest you can be!

soft spoken

6. At least you always seem polite!

Even if you’re not a particular mood to be so.

7. Your voice is never to be heard at large family gatherings.

You try, but everyone else is just so much louder. It’s hard for your soft voice to beat all that noise!

soft spoken

8. But when there is finally a moment of silence and you grab the opportunity to say what you have to…

Not to brag, but they all wish they had heard you sooner!

9. Calling an auto from the other side of the road is your worst nightmare!

Chances are you’ll be stranded there forever!

soft spoken

10. You probably have 20 different versions of your name written on Starbucks cups.

Because they simply could not hear you. There’s a lot of noise in coffee shops, you know.

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