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11 Things You’ll Totally Relate To You’re Expecting A Baby!

11 Things You’ll Totally Relate To You’re Expecting A Baby!

Got some ‘good news’ to share with everyone? It sure is a beautiful feeling, and a moment that you and your family have eagerly waited for. And ladies, it is a given that when your body has a baby inside of it – it’s obvious to be subject to a whole lot of changes. Here are 11 things that you will totally get if you are pregnant. Well, you can blame it on the pregnancy hormones sometimes.

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1. Morning sickness

Throwing up and feeling like it’s a terrible hangover almost every morning… Welcome to the world of pregnancy! And may we say this is just the beginning.

2. Bloating all the time

Burrrrrp! Remember that one time when you had lots of spicy food and couldn’t move a limb because it was so damn heavy on your system? This happens almost every day when you are preggers. Even if you haven’t eaten a lot or had anything spicy. Sorry girl, the uterus is expanding, and it is shifting your systems inside!


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3. Hello, bad breath

Of course you brushed your teeth this morning…but through the day, bacteria builds up in the mouth and ends up causing bad breath. Again, blame the hormones, and use floss please.

3 you are pregnant

4. That itch!

We mean the itch that goes only when you scratch! It’s common. Especially around the stomach as the skin there is stretching. Just that you ought to be more careful and not end up hurting yourself.


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5. Hot, hot baby

It’s absolutely normal to experience hot flushes often in your pregnancy days. And sweat…that’s going to be of the stinky kind. Carry along some roll-on always, please.

6. Emotional atyachaar

If you thought a woman is difficult when she’s PMS-ing, this can take the mood swings to an altogether new level.

6 you are pregnant


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7. Bouncy hair and shiny nails

Oh, the perks of pregnancy…go flaunt it all, we say!

8. Clothes don’t fit

Of course you aren’t complaining about this bit, especially if your hubby loves chubby (Big boobs are an added advantage). And then, maternity wear can be awesome too.

9. Swollen feet galore

It’s not funny when your shoes don’t fit any longer because of your ever swollen feet. Urgh… that’s such a pain!


9 you are pregnant

10. Leakage alert

Since the pelvic floor is pushed down, it’s easy to have a full bladder often and sometimes, that little bit of pee oozes out. Try kegel exercises though.

11. Whodunnit?

Ahem…the case of who just farted will not be a mystery anymore. All fingers will be pointed towards you anyway.

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07 Jun 2017

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