9 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Vaginal Health

Manika ParasherManika Parasher  |  Jul 15, 2016
9 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Vaginal Health


Being healthy, dear ladies, is about taking care of your body and having a constant feel-good-vibe around you. Every part of you is beautiful and deserves attention, pampering and care. And as for your lady parts, they might just need a little more love, because they are more sensitive. Here are a few things every woman should know about her vaginal health.

1. Ditch deodorizers, douches, vaginal washes, and even soap!

Our beautiful bodies have been meticulously designed to take care of some basic needs and our vagina is one of them. It has its own self cleaning mechanism. Using anything apart from normal or lukewarm water to clean it will just interfere with its pH balance.

2. Wipe from front to back. Always.

It is only logical, provided you understand why. The anus may contain bacteria from fecal matter, which may linger around your vaginal and urethral opening when you wipe from back to front. Not a good idea ladies, because this may cause bacterial infections down there. Also, always use a soft wipe to do so, scented or colored wipes are a strict no-no!

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3. Cotton is sexy.

There is nothing better, more comfortable and hygienic than wearing a cotton underwear. Synthetic materials tend to irritate the skin, and even more so when the skin is as sensitive as the skin of your lady parts. Cotton wicks away moisture thus inhibiting growth of bacteria and yeast. No infections = healthy vagina.

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4. Eat well. Your V needs it.

Vaginal health has a lot to do with food, as it can help prevent infections and even aid recovery. In order to keep your vagina healthy and avoid problems like yeast infections and vaginal dryness, it is important to eat healthy and drink a good amount of water everyday. Cranberry juice, yogurt, soy products, lemon, nuts and sweet potatoes are definitely a few good options.

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5. Wash well after sex.

This one is of utmost importance. Lazing and cuddling away in bed after sex is not a very good idea. Semen is basic in nature, whereas the pH of your vagina is slightly acidic. If not washed properly, residual semen may cause imbalance in the pH which in turn may cause itching, burning and even infections.

6. Yes, you should exercise this too!

Exercising is a must for your lady parts too! Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles thus aiding sexual pleasure and also helping to avoid urinary incontinence. Here is how you can do this – locate your pelvic floor muscles by pretending to stop peeing midway. These are your pelvic floor muscles. Tighten and hold for 3 seconds, and then release. Repeat this 5-8 times and increase as you gain better control.

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7. Not all discharge is bad. Learn to distinguish.

Discharge is your vagina’s way of keeping a cleanliness check on itself. A clear, milky or mildly yellowish discharge which doesn’t have a bad odor is perfectly normal. On the other hand if you experience discharge which has a peculiar smell, or color, or is accompanied by itchiness, irritation or swelling, then you probably should see your gynecologist.

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8. When on your period, take extra care.

You may have to be extra caring for your delicate parts when you’re on your period.Change tampons/sanitary pads frequently and thoroughly wash your vaginal area at least twice a day. It might feel like too much of an effort, but it’s an absolute must.

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9. Go commando during the night, but never during the day.

Your lady parts need to breathe too, so go commando during sleeping hours. But doing the same thing during the day is definitely not a good idea. The clothes you wear may not offer the softest or the most ideal touch to your sensitive areas. Also, since you are wearing no underwear, there is nothing to take care of the sweat and the vaginal discharge, that you may experience.

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