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7 Sexy Things You Can Do With Your Boobs To Drive Him Wild

7 Sexy Things You Can Do With Your Boobs To Drive Him Wild

Men love boobs, especially during sex. We have it on good authority that most men consider boobs their favourite part of the female anatomy and they just go crazy when their girlfriends play with them. Wear just the right thing for your man and he will get excited at the sight of them. But there are more things you can do, other than a little peek-a-boob. You can also use them to pleasure yourself and your partner during sex. Here’s listing a few of the things you should do with your boobs for a great sex night!


1.  Jiggle them in front of him

Guys love it when women tease them with their boobs. Just when he unhooks your bra, jiggle your boobs in front of him and it will surely turn him on!

Things You Can Do To Him With Your Boobs 1

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2. Put his hands on them

While he will voluntarily put his hands on your boobs when he sees them, there is a different charm when you pull him towards you and put his hands on you. Or even better, whisper in his ear that you want him to put his hands on you. Men love to be commanded during sex.

3. Boob sex

You know what’s sexy? BOOB SEX! It’s totally a thing. You let a man put his penis between your boobs. It’s arousing for him and even sexier when you voluntarily agree on having it with him.

Things You Can Do To Him With Your Boobs 3

4. Brush your boobs on his face

Coming straight from a man’s mouth, this is one of the most important things in the bedroom. Men find it really really hot. Get on top of him and brush your boobs on his face. It will be an instant turn on and he will totally take the lead from there.

5. Put ice on your self

One of the things about teasing is that it makes you go wild. When things are getting hot in the bedroom, get a cube of ice and move it on your body, bringing them to your boobs. Then rub it on him and then rub it on yourself again. We’re warning you, you’re calling for a wild night after this moment!

Things You Can Do To Him With Your Boobs 7

6. Wear a see-through outfit

Want to take the teasing even a notch higher? Change into a sexy lingerie and invite him to the bedroom. This is your chance to take him by surprise. Make him curious about what’s that outfit hiding and let him explore all of you.  

7. Pinch them in front of him

Pinch your nipples in front of him and whisper him to do the same. They will become hard in the process and your man will totally love them more after that.

Things You Can Do To Him With Your Boobs 5

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