#HeSays: 10 Fantasies EVERY Guy Has About… Boobs!

#HeSays: 10 Fantasies EVERY Guy Has About… Boobs!
One thing all the straight guys in the world have in common - their obsession with boobs! There are so many reasons for it and the amount of affection we have for them might vary from guy to guy. But it's there, it exists. And along with the love come some very interesting fantasies. So here are a few fantasies about boobs men have!

1. To make you orgasm just by touching your boobs

We hear that's a possibility and we're more than happy to accept this challenge!

2. To get a picture of them… Every morning!

A sight for sore eyes… What more could a guy ask for?

3. (Even better…) To wake up to them!

Oh, wait, there is more we could ask for! To wake up with our face gently nestled in between… Heaven! 3 fantasies about boobs

4. To get a boob job!

Well, of course! This is something every guy has thought about, ladies - no doubt about it!

5. To watch them bounce in slow motion

Like Baywatch, but without the suit. You know what we mean? It would be…art.

6. To watch you play with them

And maybe to pick up a trick or two from watching your reactions. 6 fantasies about boobs

7. To see them in a white shirt - on a rainy day…

There's just something insanely sexy about this even if we don't quite understand it ourselves.

8. To see double

Well, sort of a threesome fantasy but because of boobs. Two pairs of boobs to touch and only two hands… That's a dilemma we want to be in!

9. To eat off of them

Actually, lick, but either works. Whipped cream, chocolate, we'll have anything you want to lay out! 9 fantasies about boobs

10. To *finish* on them

It's the dream, ladies… Sure, it might be a bit kinky, but it's THE dream! Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr