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Meeting His Parents? 9 Things To Keep In Mind For THAT Day!

Meeting His Parents? 9 Things To Keep In Mind For THAT Day!

After your school exams if there is anything that can make you as jittery and nervous, is the time you have to meet and impress your boyfriend’s parents! Yes girls! We know how anxious that makes all of us. But hey, you don’t have to have a mini heart attack every time you think about it. Here, we help you out with a few dos and don’ts for the times when you meet his parents.

1.  Pick a comfy place!

Do: Pick a pleasant spot somewhere out (do not meet them at their house). Meeting outside saves his family the trouble of preparing and serving a formal meal, and that gives you more time to get to know them, and vice versa. Don’t: Pick a place that is extremely noisy. You don’t want to yell your answers at them, while they try to ask you stuff in sign language! 1 meet his parents

2. Dress well and carry it off confidently

Do: Put on something comfortable, it does not have to be brand new or dressy. An elegant outfit paired with your best smile will work wonders! Don’t: Pick a pretty but uncomfortable outfit. Showing too much skin may not be a good idea for the first meeting. This doesn’t equal to stifling your choices, it’s just being on the safe side when heading into an unchartered territory. Also read: How To Break The “I Have A Boyfriend” News To Your Parents!

3. Be there, be square.

Do: Be on time. Being on time shows respect, and that you are genuinely interested in getting to know his folks. Don’t: Be late and keep them waiting. You don’t want to create room for any doubts and speculation, do you? 3 meet his parents

4. Bring them a gift.

Do: A nice box of cookies or chocolates is a good idea. Don’t: Splurge too much. It will make them uncomfortable. His mother’s favorite flowers are a much better idea than giving her the dinner set she has always wanted.

5. Be yourself.

Do: Be honest so as to set the right expectations and give them a fair idea of who you really are. Lying or trying to be someone else just to please them is just going to put you in a tight spot later on. Don’t: Overshare. Your family history needs not to be the topic of discussion on day one!

5 meet his parents

6. Compliments go a long way!

Do: Pay a genuine compliment to someone at the table. You can even say something nice about your boyfriend to his parents. A sweet and honest compliment is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face. Don’t: Overdo it. You want to be pleasant and gracious, but you certainly don’t want to come across as someone who is trying too hard.

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7. Do your homework, know the people you are meeting.

Do: Ask your boyfriend more about his family, and especially the members you will be meeting. This will help you strike an engaging conversation with them. Don’t: Talk too much. Because you also want to hear what they have to say, don’t you? 7 meet his parents

8. Interact with your boyfriend too!

Do: Talk to your boyfriend too. Don’t be nervous and ignore him, all the while only speaking to his parents. Don’t: Get involved in any kind of PDA. And let him know that you intend not to.

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9. Relax, breathe and have fun!

Do: Take it easy and you will find yourself in a happy and comfortable place. Don’t: Drink too much in an effort to calm your nerves. Sip on a glass of wine or champagne if you must, but stick to one glass for the evening maybe? You don’t want to be tipsy by dessert, right? 9 meet his parents GIFs: Giphy

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03 Aug 2016

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