Dear Sister, We HAVE To Do These Things Together Before Either Of Us Gets Married!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  Dec 8, 2017
Dear Sister, We HAVE To Do These Things Together Before Either Of Us Gets Married!


Your sister may be your biggest support but she is also your truest critic. She can be your closest confidante and also your massive fan! It is true, some sisters share a complicated relationship. And sometimes, the love among them cannot be explained in mere words. While you’ll be getting the whole room to yourself once she is gone, you will also be the one who will cry the hardest when she ties the knot. The sister bond is something worth celebrating…  Here are 12 things to do with your sister before she gets married.

1. Hit the road together.

Remember all our travel plans that went into the pit because we couldn’t manage leaves or sometimes we didn’t have enough money? It’s time to make it to that most awaited trip before marriage. Are you ready?

1 things to do with your sister

2. Cook a surprise dinner to each other

I know you have been just making faces to all the midnight maggi we made, expecting it to taste a little better until the next time. Relax, I won’t make you maggi this time. I have the recipe to your favourite seafood, and am sure you will like it. And it’s definitely one of the things to do before marriage. 

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3. Go for a music festival

We both share a common interest in music. Phew! Let’s attend the upcoming music festival before marriage where our fave singer would be performing live.

2 things to do with your sister

4. Plan some madness, a proper sister’s night out!

Yes, I did miss you when you went out with your girl gang for night outs. Let’s plan a night which just has the two of us and go all crazy making our sister bond last a lifetime.

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5. Talk our heart out about what we feel for each other

I don’t say it often, but with you gone I will be losing out on my truest confidante. I will miss you insane!

3 things to do with your sister

6. Make a video of you guys fooling around

How far can two madcap sisters go? Can you and I pull off the biggest pranks? Let’s accept the challenge and record it while we are at it.

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7. Recall all those cute naughty fights and incidents

The whole point about childhood is to prove your dominance over your younger sibling. In doing so, you do stupid things like hide your sister’s homework or poke her with your pencil. Reminiscing of such fights are the best things I would want to do with you.

4 things to do with your sister

8. Visit our school to revive old memories

Remember the first day we went to school and kind of found everybody else an alien? It was just you that I had as my support system and you still are dear sister.

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9. Go on a food trail

Considering we both lurrrve food, let’s go on a food trail. Whether be it the paranthe wali galli in Delhi or the sea food street in Bangkok, food will always bring our souls closer.

5 things to do with your sister

10. Bitch about your ex

We know everything about our exes. Now before marriage, it’s time to fill in the details… You get what I mean, don’t you?

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11. Rejuvenate and book a spa session

A spa session with you before marriage, is going to be an experience which I wouldn’t want to miss out at all. Let’s just go, sit back and enjoy the pamper session.  

6 things to do with your sister

12. A Bachelorette that makes memories of a lifetime!

A bachelorette organised by friends is fun but it can go to a mad level if your sister is in charge of it. I know your hidden desires and secret cravings, girl. So, hand it over to me and let me work my magic.

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