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The Most Important Things To Do To Keep Your Mental Health In Check As A To-Be Bride

The Most Important Things To Do To Keep Your Mental Health In Check As A To-Be Bride

If you’re a bride-to-be then we understand the stress and anxiety you must be feeling. Planning a wedding is hectic as it is and now with the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused, it’s become so much worse. Apart from that, marriage itself is a scary thing because it’s a step that’ll make so many things in your life different. 

As your wellwishers, we think managing your mental health and keeping calm during this pandemic is the main requirement. 

Tips To Keep Your Mental Well-being In Check Right Now

From breathing to maintaining good sleep hygiene, these things will help you feel calmer and reduce the anxiety that you may be feeling. 

Tell Yourself Something Positive


Lots of research suggest that the way you talk to yourself has an impact on the way you feel. When we perceive ourselves negatively then we end up viewing ourselves from that angle as well. So things like blame and words like ‘why did this happen to me’ can make you spiral down a negative hole. Instead, talk about it positively, acknowledge what you still have in life, and the love you receive.  

Focus On The Current Moment

The one thing this pandemic has taught us is that the future is uncertain and no amount of planning can prepare us for what’s in store. So a great way to deal with the anxiety surrounding when your wedding will be, how it’ll pan out etc is to live in the here and now. Make a list of things you can ask vendors about the pandemic and what postponing the wedding would look like.

Write Down Something You’re Grateful For


In the midst of all of this, we’ve all found things and people we’re grateful for- be it our health, be it the frontline workers who are risking their lives for us, be it our families. Spend this time writing down something that you’re grateful for having every day and you’ll see a change in your mood.

Open Up To A Loved One

Shutting down and bottling up your feelings will help no one. Open up to a loved one or your partner, chances are that they are stressed and anxious about the precarious nature of the situation too. 

Maintain A Good Sleep Cycle


These days, time and days and dates are all muddling up into one thing. However, research has shown that having a regular sleep pattern is the key to having good mental health. Sleeping and waking up at a certain time allows your body the rest it needs for proper functioning.

Nourish Yourself Well

Ever heard the phrase a healthy mind is a healthy body? Well, it works both ways. Your mind and body have a symbiotic relationship and for the proper functioning of both, food is very important. Having a balanced meal gives you all the nutrients to fight infection and to work at its optimum capacity.

Practice Self Care


While all of this already comes under self-care, taking out time for yourself to just be on your own is very important. Do things that calm you down like yoga or journaling or sketching or baking. Even an extensive skincare routine is a part of self-care.

Just remember to take long deep breaths often and understand that this too shall pass.

30 Apr 2020

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