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Things to Do on Honeymoon

Can’t Travel Abroad? 20 Fun & Exciting Things To Do On Your Honeymoon In India!

No matter how exciting Indian weddings are, we all know how exhausting they can get. Regardless of how small or big your wedding is – it can definitely stress you out mentally and physically too. You most definitely need a trip to just unwind and spend some quality time with your bae. Which is where a honeymoon trip comes in. Over the years, honeymoon trips have gotten grander than ever. 

Sadly, however, this was before the global pandemic took over our lives. To say that it’s changed our outlook on life would be putting it right.

Now, we get that you’re upset about not being able to vacation in the Swiss Alps due to the ban on international travel but you really don’t have to be. There are fun things to do on honeymoon right here in India. And we’ve got the best honeymoon activity ideas for you and your jaan!

fun things to do on honeymoon


Things To Do On Honeymoon

Thinking of things to do on honeymoon? Tired of browsing through a zillion things with no results? Well, fret not as we got you covered. From exciting plane gliding sessions to magical camel-back desert rides, we’ve got the ultimate list of fun things to do on honeymoon for you. Go ahead bookmark these amazing honeymoon activities and thank us later! 

honeymoon activities


20 Honeymoon Couple Activities

Witness A Beautiful Sunrise & Sunset Together

Call us old school but sunsets can be extremely special when you have someone to share them with. There’s something oh-so-romantic about watching the sky transition from hues of cotton candy to golden. And of course, it’ll give you a chance to take a golden-hour glow selfie too!

Opt For a Luxe Cruise

Luxury cruises are a must for any honeymoon as they provide the perfect relaxing antidote to your hectic wedding. If you’re not too fond of spending too much time on cruises, you could plan a short cruise staycay. The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise and Sunderbans Luxury Cruise are our personal favorites. 

Price: Price for two adults for 3 nights and 4 days is above 1 lakh. 


honeymoon couple activities


Reconnect With Nature On A Trek

If you and your partner love spending time outdoors then this should be on your list of honeymoon activities. Whether it’s a short trek or a trek holiday, India has amazing routes in most of the states. Our top pick? Easy! Set against the picturesque backdrop of Himachal Pradesh, Triund trek route is our absolute favourite. 

Choose To Go Glamping

Want to experience camping but with a glamorous twist? Opt for a glamping vacay. Glamping offers a way for you to experience the outdoors without compromising on comfort and luxury. We bet the experiences at Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling, Sherbagh in Ranthambore and TreeHouse Resort in Jaipur will leave you spellbound. 

River Rafting

If you and your spouse are adventurous then you should add this honeymoon activity to your list ASAP. River rafting is a popular sport offered at Rishikesh, Kullu Manali, Indus river and Yamuna River among other places in India.

Price: Rafting can range between Rs 500 to Rs 3000 per person. 

Dance The Night Away

No, really, you’d have plenty of time to play catch up in the bedroom later! We doubt clubs are going to open up anytime soon however that shouldn’t stop you. You can simply plan a fun night right in your room. All you need is some booze and a speaker and you’re all set to let loose. 

honeymoon couple activities


Hot Air Balloon

Flying high up in the sky in a colourful giant hot air balloon and witnessing the breathtaking view should definitely be on your list of honeymoon couple activities. Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra and Manali have fantastic hot air balloon rides that you could experience with bae.

Price: The price for this honeymoon activity will cost you between Rs 6,000-Rs 12,000 per person for an hour. 

Desert Camel Safari

It doesn’t get better than this. Witnessing the rustic, rural desert life of India with your partner on camelback can sure be magical. The most popular place for camel safaris in India is in the desert around Jaisalmer and Bikaner in Rajasthan.

Price: Approx Rs 1,000 – Rs 3,000 per person

fun things to do on honeymoon in Desert Camel Safari


Jungle Safari

Do you and your partner have a thing for wild animals? If yes, then you should plan a jungle safari trip. Imagine touring around jungles in a jeep and spotting some majestic wild animals, sounds like a dream, no? Ranthambore National Park, Hemis National Park and Jim Corbett are some of the most renowned parks in the country.

Price: Safari jeep prices can range from Rs 1,500 – Rs 4,500.


If both you and your partner are art and history lovers, then this should make for a fantastic honeymoon activity for you. The Indian Museum in Kolkata, the Government Museum in Madras and the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad are definitely worth checking out. 

Price: A minimal charge of Rs 10.

Fun Things to Do on Honeymoon


Bungee Jumping

Want to experience an adrenaline rush with your better half? Indulge in a thrilling bungee jumping experience. Rishikesh has the highest bungee jumping spot. Bangalore and Lonavla too, provide safe and exciting spots. 

Price: Starts from Rs 4,000.


Rock Climbing

This is the mother of all adventures! Rock climbing provides quite a thrill and it’s also a fun way of getting a power-packed workout on your honeymoon. Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra, Hampi in Karnataka and Shey Rock in Kashmir all provide wonderful experiences. 

Wine tasting at a vineyard - What Couples Can Do On Honeymoon


Wine Tasting

How can you not be tempted by the idea of relaxing in the lush meadow with a glass of burgundy? From Chateau d’Or, Dindori to Sula Vineyards in Nashik to Grover Vineyards, Nandi Hills, Karnataka, India has some amazing vineyards to offer. Book a tour, sip on some fine wines and learn a thing or two about your favourite drink. 

Price: Some wine tours are free, some have a cover charge of Rs 250.

What Couples Can Do On Honeymoon


Scuba Diving

Ok, what can be better than spending time underwater with your beloved experiencing the colourful marine life? This is an experience of a lifetime! You can try the activity at Andaman, Pondicherry and Goa among other places in India. 

Price: Rs 3,000 per head for one hour. 

Fly Like A Bird With Gliding

Imagine sitting in an unpowered plane with your hubby for hours with nothing but the power of the air? Exciting, right? Also, you can experience the world’s cheapest gliding experience around Pune. 

Price: Rs 189 – no, we’re not kidding! 

Visit Quaint Churches

If you and your partner love a bit of architecture then you should definitely check out old iconic churches in the country. We sure do love the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata and St. John in the Wilderness Church at Dharamshala. Oh, even Basilica of Bom Jesus at Goa is worth checking out. 

Attend Cooking Workshops:Things to do at honeymoon


Attend Cooking Workshops

Have a thing for food? Many hotels and restaurants offer a culinary workshop these days that you and your spouse could check out. Take a class or two with your partner and learn more about local culture and specialty dishes. 

Zip Lining

If you and your other half want to explore sights from a bird’s eye view and feel the wind on your face, then this is the activity for you to indulge in. India has some fabulous options for zip lining but we’re a little partial to the Kikar Lodge in Punjab and the one at Dhanaulti.

Price: Rs 1,500 per person. 

Cable Cars Rides: Fun things to do honeymoon


Cable Car Rides

Want to feel like the two of you are on top of the world? Then hop on a cable car ride! It doesn’t get better than sitting cosily with bae while dangling in thin air gazing at the gorgeous scenery outside. Book a ride today at Gulmarg Gandola or Auli Ropeway cable to experience the ride of your life! 

Price: Starts from Rs 700.

Plan A Food Trail

You can’t really talk about travelling in the country without discovering different food. Food trails are visiting a string of eateries one after another.  Ideally, food trails are conducted by bloggers and food enthusiasts but sadly, that isn’t an option RN. But you can always research, plan a food trail with bae depending on what you’d like to eat and document it too for fun!  

Well, we’re hoping we’ve answered your question on what to do on honeymoon in 2021. And we sure do hope you add these fun honeymoon activities to your travel itinerary and have a fantastic time with your sweetheart.


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30 May 2021

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