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The BEST Honeymoon Destinations For Every Month Of The Year!

The BEST Honeymoon Destinations For Every Month Of The Year!

Where you go for your dream honeymoon is highly dependent on your wedding month. After all, weather plays an important part since you certainly don’t want to be stuck in your hotel room due to unfavourable weather conditions. So ladies, it’s important you do your thorough research before embarking upon that romantic vacation. Check out these amazing honeymoon destinations for every month of the year.  

1. January & February

January and February are winter months in most countries. And while the dip in temperature can be romantic at times, too cold a destination is not ideal for the honeymoon. Here are the destinations you can check out.

1 honeymoon destinations - maldives beach

Maldives: For the beach bum in you, hit up Maldives, it's nice and pleasant during these months. The temperature averages at arou27-degree celsius and you can totally enjoy a romantic time lazing at the beach with your bae.

Australia: This is yet another great choice since while the other half of the world freezes, Australia is warm and sunny. The temperature averages at around 23 degree celsius and it’s a great place with tons of activities from beach fun to wildlife, history and culture.

2. March

Getting married in the month of March? Well, from India to abroad, here are two of the most amazing destinations that you could check out!

2 honeymoon destinations - amber fort

Rajasthan: Rajasthan is at its colourful best during this festive month. With Holi and the Elephant Festival taking place during this month, the state has a very celebratory and joyous vibe around it. While it could get a little warm in the day, the evenings sure are nice and pleasant.

South Africa: South Africa is a popular choice in March since after the rains, the scenery turns green and it’s also a great month to watch migratory birds. You can see the forests in their full glory and for the wildlife enthusiasts, South Africa is the destination.

3. April

April is an awesome month to get married in India. It’s right before the rains start in the country and the weather isn't too hot. Here’s where you should go for your honeymoon…  

3 honeymoon destinations - elephant falls shillong

Shillong: Clear skies, green valleys and pleasant weather ranging from 18 to 21 degrees, Shillong is as romantic as it gets during April. Take long walks with your partner and soak yourself in the beauty of this dreamy destination.

New Zealand: It’s autumn in New Zealand during April and so it is a great month to enjoy outdoor activities. The days are warm and sunny, evening are cool and you can enjoy a lot of water sports during this season.

4. May

Take that dream holiday in the month of May and escape the onset of the hot summer in the country.

4 honeymoon destinations - paris

Paris: May is nice and sunny in Paris, but what’s better is the fact that the peak tourist season is yet to arrive. Pleasant weather and not too much crowd makes Paris your best bet for a romantic honeymoon in May.

Japan: The temperature in Tokyo is around 23 degrees during May, the gardens are in full bloom and the mountains are just the perfect shade of green. And Japan sure does offer a variety of activities to keep your honeymoon fun and fabulous.

5. June & July

If you love light showers of rain, then a honeymoon during these two months guarantee you an amazing time. While the options are plenty, here are our favourites.

5 honeymoon destinations - pangong lake leh ladakh

Leh Ladakh: It’s the busiest time of the year at Leh Ladakh. The route opens up at end of May, the sun is bright during the day, light showers along with glimpses of snow make it the most picturesque location ever.

Mauritius: For the beach bum couple, Mauritius is a pleasant bet with the temperature at a comfortable average of 25 degrees. In fact, June - July - August are the best months to plan your holiday to Mauritius.

6. August

Even the thought of a monsoon honeymoon sounds so romantic! Yeah, we get it. Here are our top two destinations to check out.

6 honeymoon destinations - kovalam

Kovalam: Enjoy the backwaters of Kerela, lie on the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets, and take a walk along the shore for a romantic time together. Book a luxurious property and enjoy your stay along with the rainy showers.

Seychelles: Seychelles enjoys tropical climate almost all year round and August will definitely be an amazing month to vacation at the island. Go island hopping, dig into sea food and just relax and rejuvenate after that hectic wedding.

7. September

The month of September offers ideal weather at a lot of locations worldwide. And if that happens to be your honeymoon month, here are two destinations you must check out.

7 honeymoon destinations - santorini island greece

Greece: The tourist season is almost ending so you don’t have to worry about too much crowd in Greece. The waters are still warm enough to take a dip and the scenery... just as pretty!

Croatia: The best part about a September honeymoon in Croatia is that the tourist season will almost be over. And that means lesser crowd and cheaper hotel deals. But worry not as the weather is still nice and inviting. Do carry some warm clothing for the evenings though.

8. October

Hey October bride, here are two destinations that are ideal for your dream honeymoon.

8 honeymoon destinations - dubai

Dubai: October is a great month to hit Dubai. While the blazing sun takes a back seat, you can even expect a few drizzles. Book yourself at a luxurious hotel and enjoy the amazing nightlife that the destination offers.

Egypt: Egypt is great during October since it’s not as hot as the peak summer months but the sea is still warm and inviting. Explore the culture and history and book yourself on a luxury cruise.  

9. November

November opens up a lot of options with amazing weather in a lot of countries. Here are two of the most popular destinations.

9 honeymoon destinations - singapore city

Singapore: For a luxury city experience, nothing beats Singapore. A quick flight from India, Singapore might experience rain during the month but that does not in any way hamper your plans. A weekend at the Sentosa Island and a fun filled day at Universal Studios is a must.

Goa: Goa is great during November! While December gets too crowded with people pouring in for New Year's, November is ideal to enjoy the pleasant weather and the beautiful beaches.

10. December

A honeymoon + New year's sounds like an amazing plan. Check out these two destinations that are perfect to party it up in style with your hubby dearest.

10 honeymoon destinations - bali

Bali: Bali, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations among us Indians. Experience nature, culture and tradition at its best, along with pristine beaches that’ll take your breath away.

Srilanka: Bring in the New Year at the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka! The weather is extremely pleasant and the festive vibe is loud and clear. A fortnight at this beautiful country will be an experience like no other.

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Published on Jun 29, 2017
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