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Mirror, Mirror! 10 Things You NEED To Check Before Leaving Home

  |  May 5, 2016
Mirror, Mirror! 10 Things You NEED To Check Before Leaving Home


Rushing out of the house in the morning to get in time for work is pretty stressful, as is trying to make a dash for the door as you are already late for your date. But just before you step out, take a moment and do one last check – it’s super-important! Here are the 10 things to keep in mind before you leave the house. Obviously it helps to have a mirror by your front door!

1. Check your hair!

This one is basic. Flyways, straggly bits poking out – tame that mane before you leave!

check in the mirror

2. Frayed hems

It pays to pay attention! Look at your hems to make sure they are not unravelling. It’s easy to miss this when you are getting ready or your clothes are folded.

3. Beware the bulges and peekaboos

This is where you are brutally honest with yourself. Look at your top – is it too tight? Is the bra you’re wearing the right one? (Use our jiggle, bulge, spill test!) Are your pants inadvertently giving you a muffin top? Or worse, a camel-toe? VPL? It’s best if you give yourself a once-over so that you have a chance to rush back in and rectify!

check in the mirror

4. Spills and stains

No matter how good you (or your mom) are at laundry, stubborn stains can persist. Often only visible in daylight, under direct sunlight. Check for those before you head out.

5. Zips and buttons

Yep, this one’s pretty basic too. But more than one of us have headed out of the house in a hurry, only to discover that we missed a button, put a hook through the wrong eyelet, or forgot to pull that back-zipper all the way up. Embarrassing!

6. Chipped nail paint

Nothing screams sloppy more loudly than chipped nail paint. Screen your nails before you leave!

check in the mirror

7. Makeup check!

Most of us do our makeup by rote. But before you dash out, check if it’s too much. Is the foundation mismatched, not blended? Do you have a smudged eyeliner, or a lipstick smear? Best face forward, ladies!

8. Be sure of your shoes

Those shoes of us that are not-so-new, but so comfy that we wear them all the time – are they sporting scuff-marks or – given the weather – mud-stains? Definitely check this! Nothing ruins the effect of an amazing outfit than someone looking down and thinking your shoes look shabby.

check in the mirror

9. Accessories alert

That gorgeous gold necklace – is it making you look a bit too blingy for where you’re headed? Has your tote spouted a big hole that you didn’t notice? Did you, while you were rushing to put on your earrings, accidentally put on one from a different pair? The answers to all these questions should be no!

10. Ciao, gorgeous!

GIve yourself a big smile and see if your teeth are free of lipstick stains and food particles. Then head out of the house, confident that you are looking your very best.

check in the mirror

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