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7 Awesome Perks Of Being The Younger Daughter In Law!

7 Awesome Perks Of Being The Younger Daughter In Law!

I am the younger daughter-in-law of the Singh parivaar and there are some things that come as a bonus when you’re the younger daughter in law! So if you’re the devrani to the jethani, here are 7 things you’ll totally get!


1. You’re briefed well in advance by the jethani

If you’re blessed with a sis-in-law like mine, she’ll give you a detailed briefing about the family. The lifestyle, the likes, the dislikes, what’s acceptable, what’s not, you know the real deal even before you step into the family.

younger daughter in law

2. MIL has already fulfilled all her shauks

Mother-in-laws and other women of the family are usually a bit at ease with the second wedding. All the tiresome rituals and traditions which were a major source of excitement during the elder son’s wedding take a back seat (sort of!). So you really don’t have to go through a very elaborate process!

3. Ghar ki last shaadi? Let’s go crazy!

Your wedding is a lot more fun, and cousins and relatives participate with extra gusto because ghar ki last shaadi hai bhai! It’s about making up for the last wedding and letting it loose like this is the last time anyone in the family is getting married!

younger daughter in law

4. ‘Tum badi ho’ doesn’t happen!

You’re saved from this tragic statement all elder siblings are so used to hearing! Ghar ke kaam, big responsibilities and complicated family matters are usually left for the badi bahu to deal with. Such a breather that is!

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5. Saasu ma understands you better

The first marriage has probably already helped the mother-in-law understand how the whole saas bahu thing works and she totally knows how to make it an even smoother ride the second time around.

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6. Pampering is at an all time high!

So my brother and sister-in-law spoilt me crazy during the wedding, after that and continue to do so even now! Younger ones are just so used to getting pampered by everyone who is elder to them!

7. Life ho toh aisi!

When you’re the choti bahu, house rules are a bit more relaxed for you. You can make tiny mistakes and get away with it! Also, in my case, it doesn’t matter that I can’t cook to save my life. Both my SIL and MIL are awesome cooks and make a great team together! *What a relief!*

younger daughter in law

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05 May 2016

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