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9 Things No One Tells You About The Suhaag Raat!

9 Things No One Tells You About The Suhaag Raat!

So the wedding is over (phew!) and you are now going to spend your first night together as a married couple. Sometimes, the idea of the suhaag raat itself can be intimidating. And why not? From Bollywood to your granny, everyone has an opinion about how this night is supposed to go. Here are 9 things no one will tell you about what actually happens on the suhaag raat.

1. You’ve zoned out from the world by the end of the wedding.

After the jaimala, hundreds of photos, managing the heavy lehenga and jewellery all night, and a ceremony that might never seem to end, you might just want to plunge face-first into the nearest available bed!  

suhaag raat 1

2. You might not do ‘it’ at all

Yep. Very few couples go all the way on their suhaag raat. Fatigue, nervousness, friends or naughty little cousins playing pranks – there are so many reasons!


3. Get ready for the double whammy of embarrassment and nervousness

…When you’re alone in the room with your ‘husband’! Sample monologue that might be going through your mind: “What do we do now? What is he thinking? What does he want to do? I want to get out of these clothes ASAP but where do I do that?!”

4. He might not make a ‘move’

Apologies for bursting your bubble but not all men are as eager about suhaag raat shenanigans as we are led to believe. Your hubby is just as tired and nervous as you are.

suhaag raat 4

5. The suhaag raat might be three days later!

Some communities make the bride and groom wait till certain pujas are done. Cool those jets, girl, and wait for the actual night 😀


6. You might stay up talking the whole night

You may end up spending the first night talking about your future, not noticing when dawn breaks. Could there be a more romantic beginning?

6. It’ll take you two hours to undress, even with your hubby’s help.

We exaggerate, but it will feel like it! By the time you take out the hundreds of bobby pins from your hair, undo the lehenga and dupatta folds, and take off all the five hundred jewellery pieces you wore for your wedding, you will feel like crashing into sleep in your jammies and nothing else.

7. Your husband’s friends/cousins might pop out from under the bed!

Suhaag raat pranks are meant to tease the young bride and groom, and put them at ease. Now, you have something to laugh about once the pranksters leave. Who knows where that will lead! *wink*

suhaag raat 7


8. That prettily decorated bed is super uncomfortable to sleep on.

Flowers look pretty but they poke you everywhere! You might just end up getting rid of all of it.

9. The next day everybody gives you sly smiles.

Get ready for super-intimate questions and knowing glances from every female in the house.

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05 May 2016

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