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#HeSays: 9 Things Guys Actually Find Romantic!

#HeSays: 9 Things Guys Actually Find Romantic!

There seems to be this odd belief among girls that guys don’t really care about romance. They’re okay with maybe sometimes pulling off a few romantic gestures for their partners, but they don’t care if anyone does anything romantic for them. NOT true. Truth is, we do care about romance – just maybe not in the same way that girls do! Everyday gestures and actions (not grand moments) are sometimes what count more for us guys, to be honest. Little things that women may not even think could possibly be romantic!

Here are a few things guys actually find romantic. Ladies… HINT, HINT!

1. Taking fun trips together

Travelling together, discovering new places together and just having fun is actually pretty romantic! Besides, when else do we get to spend so much time together, just with each other?

2. Seeing you get involved in something we’re passionate about

Or just doing something we like, together, with you! For example, if we love watching football, seeing you actually watch, enjoy and get involved in the game with us is just really nice. And yes, very romantic. Makes the game more fun to watch too! 😉


things men find romantic 2

3. Showing some affection when we’re out together!

We’re not saying there needs to be more PDA than you’re comfortable with – but sometimes when you call us by cute names or initiate the hand-holding or the kissing when we’re out together, it just makes us feel awesome.

4. When you make an effort with our friends – even the ones you don’t like!

We know you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to – and that’s what makes it so special and sweet…the fact that you’re simply doing it for us!

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5. Some vocal appreciation for the things we do!

You’re not the only ones who like to hear compliments! We do too. Especially when we make such an effort to make sure you’re happy with us too. Of course, it’s a given that we ought to treat you well, but sometimes just knowing that it is being appreciated is all the encouragement we need!

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6. When you take an interest in our everyday lives…

It’s actually very simple, but it is probably one of the most romantic things the ladies in our lives can do – be interested in our everyday lives. Show an interest in what’s going on in our homes or at work. It’s just very romantic to see how concerned our partner is!

things men find romantic 6


7. When you dress up just for us!

Even though you know you don’t need to! But when you wear that dress you don’t exactly love because we do, it’s just so sweet!

8. And the cliche – when you make (or even order) us something awesome to eat!

Yes, we know, such a cliche – but we can’t help that we actually find this kind of romantic! Knowing that you actually put in all that effort just for us definitely shows us how much you love and care about us.  

things men find romantic 8

9. When you let us in into your world and make us a part of it!

Introducing us to your friends and family may not seem like a big deal – probably also because we don’t let on that it is – but it actually does make us feel special. It’s nice to know that the girl we’re with is comfortable and confident enough about us to make us a part of her inner circle. It kind of shows us that she has faith in our relationship!


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05 May 2016

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