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11 Adorable Things Guys Unknowingly Do That Girls Really Love!

11 Adorable Things Guys Unknowingly Do That Girls Really Love!

And then he does that, and you…melt! There are some things men do unknowingly that we women, for some inexplicable reason, find irresistibly sexy. They aren’t grand gestures, rather silly, little things that kinda turn us on. Which one of these did you fall for?!

1. The way men randomly roll up their sleeves and loosen their tie…

It’s like they aren’t even aware how in a matter of seconds they turned from formal to hot. It’s seriously distracting!

things men do unknowingly

2. The way they let a child play with them or even mess their work up!

There is something super adorable about a grown man letting a kid have his way with him. Maybe it gives us a tiny peek into their sensitive side?

3. The way they smile shyly at us, embarrassed at some private joke we made to them in company.

Don’t we all love to have a little fun with our guys sometimes? And of course that shy smile they pass us, is our absolute favourite.

things men do unknowingly

4. The way their eyes follow us around a room, and we know they are looking at us…

It tickles us to know that they can’t get enough of us – and can’t keep themselves from looking at us in a room full of beautiful women.

5. The way they’re jealous of some guy, and consciously stand next to us, but pretend to be all cool!

We can see through their forced calmness, and almost feel their mild jealousy seeping in – and all their silly worry just makes them appear even more adorable to us.

things men do unknowingly

6. The way they take our bags from us, the moment they meet us – without us even asking

‘Coz it’s not so much about chivalry as about genuine care and affection – and actions do speak louder than words, don’t they? Especially when they are not deliberate like this one.

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7. The way they instinctively pull us closer when we wake up before them, and try to get out of bed…

It’s like even in that half sleepy state, they don’t wanna let go of us – and oh, how that makes us melt and readily jump back into bed.

things men do unknowingly

8. The way they quietly pull us onto the safer side of the road when we’re walking with them…

They’d rather come in the way of harm themselves, than let anything happen to us. It never fails to brings a smile to our faces.

9. The way they make their best maggi for us, and watch us while we gobble it up…

… Eagerly waiting for our feedback, and getting super excited when we tell them we loved it.

things men do unknowingly

10. The way they act nice to some random woman…

Even though we may pass them the jealous look in that moment, we secretly do like that they have respect for our fellow womankind!

11. The way they hear us talk about someone and readily bitch about her on cue…

… Even though they have no idea what happened and who did what – only to make us feel better!

things men do unknowingly

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05 May 2016

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