10 Things Boys Do That (Unexpectedly!) Get Us In The Mood!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


There are the “sexy” things he does. And then there are the things he does that he doesn’t know are sexy! Yes, it’s true. Sometimes, our men can totally get us in the mood without even trying. Here are our top picks of the surprising things he does that actually turn us on!

1. A super-engaging conversation – because intelligence is sexy!

Hello, GORGEOUS. I like your brain enough to want to get to know your body!

ezgif unexpected things guys do

2. An unexpected massage (without any “expectations”)

Because you’re making me feel so good that I’m happy to feel even better with you!

3. Offering to do something, and actually following through on it!

You shall be rewarded for your genuine sense of commitment!

ezgif unexpected things

4. A chivalrous gesture like holding the car door open

Mmm, you’re reminding me of Mr Darcy now…

5. Picking you up from a girls’ night out

Because, dude, if you’re willing to put up with my crazy after an evening with my girls, you DESERVE some sweet, tender lovin’!

ezgif things guys do

6. Returning home to find he’s cooked you a meal

Even if he has very limited culinary skills and can only make a grilled cheese sandwich, food is the way to a woman’s heart TOO, you know.

7. Opting for YOUR fav film on movie night

I know this movie by heart. I don’t mind not watching it yet again because I’m too busy messing around with you!

ezgif. things guys do unexpected

8. Right after a shower

Because. You smell nice and fresh and SO yummy.

9. Being nice to your family, including that slightly eccentric cousin

You’re just perfect. Perfectly sexy!

ezgif.unexpected things

10. Start flirting, the earlier in the day the better! Even a simple text can get things going…

Nothing – NOTHING – is better than the prelude to sex, and if that lasts all day long, night time sure looks promising!

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