10 Things Every Girlfriend Says vs What Her Boyfriend Hears!

Nasrin ModakNasrin Modak  |  Jul 25, 2017
10 Things Every Girlfriend Says vs What Her Boyfriend Hears!

It is quite true that men are from Mars and their idea and definition of love never match ours. That’s why it’s hard for those poor souls to decipher what we are saying and what we could possibly mean by it. Here are 10 things every girl says and what her boyfriend hears. For instance…

1. You say: I’m fine.

He hears: Can’t you see how angry I am?

2. You say: I love you.

He hears: Let’s do it!

3. You say: Call me when you get home.

He hears: I know you can be a bit irresponsible on the roads!

3 things every girl says - tina fey saying yes

4. You say: What should I wear to the party tonight?

He hears: Tell me what do I look my hottest in so that I am the life of this party!

5. You say: Let’s go shopping!

He hears: Just hold my bags while I sprint from one store to another?

6. You say: There’s a sale going on!

He hears: Baby, I’ll be broke this month as well.

6 things every girl says - sale shopping

7. You say: Let’s go for a movie

He hears: Let’s watch some soppy drama and cuddle in the theatres!

8. You say: I’ll be ready in five minutes.

He hears: Get ready to wait forever.

9. You say: Have I put on weight?

He hears: Just say NO. Don’t think too much. Just NO. Understand?

9 things every girl says - have you put on weight

10. You say: We need to talk!

He hears: Oh boy…You’re screwed!!! Big time!

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