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Dear Boys, Why You Do This? WHY?!

Dear Boys, Why You Do This? WHY?!
Let’s face it, girls, we find ourselves asking this question way-too-often: Just why are men like this? We don’t mean to be all judgemental here, but sometimes life would be SO much simpler if we were on the same page more often. Did we just say same page? Scratch that! Same planet is more like it. For now, we are left wondering if you can relate to this as much as we can?!

1. When your boyfriend tells you he’ll pick you at 8 and that obviously means 9:30.

Boy Standard Time [BST] is a legit time zone, girls!

2. When he’s hungry as hell but still won’t help you decide where you guys should eat!

Like, shouldn’t your stomach know what it desires?!

why are men like this

3. When he doesn’t understand the point of big, fat Indian weddings!

Why must you be the Grinch? No, seriously.

4. When your favourite actor is on screen and you’re feeling all types of love and he just sits there laughing at you!

Like, have you no heart?

why are men like this

5. When he acts impatient while you get ready before leaving the house!

Do you not understand that we girls don’t have it as easy as you boys?

6. One of the things that he finds super hard is when he has to open up his heart and talk about his feelings.

That, to us girls, is literally the easiest part!

why are men like this

7.  When you are upset about something and he thinks he’s being helpful by asking if it’s PMS!

Take it from us, guys: NOTHING is more irritating than that!

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8. When he just doesn’t understand just how complex girl relationships can be! can’t simply like her picture on Instagram!!!

why are men like this

9. When the football match is on and that becomes the most important thing on earth.

But...but...what about our plans?!

10. When he refuses to dress up for a party that you both know is going to be uber fancy!


why are men like this

11. When he really couldn’t care less about how or why his friends broke up!

How can you not be the least bit curious?!

12. When he can be the world’s biggest contradiction!

Three hours of football straight doesn’t tire him, but half an hour of shopping and his feet hurt.  Convenient much?!!

why are men like this

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