Dear Boyfriend, What I REALLY Mean When I Say...

Dear Boyfriend, What I REALLY Mean When I Say...
Dear Boyfriend,

I know there are times you get super confused about what I say and what I actually mean. So I thought I would clear some of your doubts today! Here’s what I really mean when I say the following things...


1. “Um, ya okay”

Honestly, if that is my response to a plan you just proposed, reconsider!! I probably want to say no, but don’t want to hurt your feelings! Be a cutie and come up with an alternative plan, please!!

what girls really mean

2. “It’s honestly up to you. It’s your life”

Yes, it is your life, but if you asked for my opinion you better take it into consideration while making your decision!! Because, you know, I want the best for you and my advice is awesome. :P

3. “I don’t care about her. She’s your friend, not mine.”

I do not like the amount of attention you give her and she even makes me a tad bit insecure. I secretly want you to be extra coochie-coo with me when she’s around!

what girls really mean

4. “Whatever, dude.”

You have seriously crossed a line and annoyed me. Better start coming up with ideas to make it up!


5. “I would love to come, but...”

I want you to give me a little bit of attention and try and convince me to come along with you!

what girls really mean

6. “Oh, you’re with your friends again? Cool.”

Of course your friends are important, but I want to be important in your life too!! I’m feeling a bit neglected, so keep some time aside for me?!

7. “Nothing. Nothing is wrong”

Even you know better than to believe that nothing is wrong! If you felt the need to ask that question in the first place, then you know that SOMETHING is definitely wrong.

what girls really mean

8. “I seriously don’t want anything for my birthday!”

I don’t want a super expensive or fancy present on my birthday. But you better come up with something thoughtful to do for me on my special day!

9. “I’m on my way.”

Just give me a 30-minute margin. Because, you know, I’m still deciding what to wear!! :D :D

what girls really mean

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