11 Crazy Things About Shopping Only A Bride To Be Will Get!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
11 Crazy Things About Shopping Only A Bride To Be Will Get!

Shopping for wedding? Are the endless trips to malls and markets filling you with joy? AND do you suspect that this might turn you into a bridezilla? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ve been hit by Wedding Shopping Fever. Here are 11 crazy things about wedding shopping only you a bride-to-be will get.

1. Shoppinggggggg!!! Jump! Clap! Dance!

Omgggg…I’m getting married. And wedding = shopping! It’s the first and last time in your life that Papa ji will give you his credit card and say “Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi.

wedding shopping 1

2. Why did God make a thing like ‘budget’?

‘Coz I’m just not able to stick to it! I mean, I’ve got to have enough clothes! For the rest of my life. Aise mein, how to stick to a budget??!wedding shopping 2

3. A kitty party is happening right here in the store!

From the bua to the chachi to the samnewali aunty, everyone wants to accompany me for shopping and give their not-so-great suggestions. Why god, why? Shopping for wedding was supposed to be a bonding session for mommy and sis and bestie and me.

wedding shopping 3

4. And now even the mum-in-law is joining in

She wants me to ‘approve’ all the clothes and jewellery she’s buying for me. How do I politely tell her I don’t like that sari? Also, I want the other one in green and maybe you could even buy that matching clutch for me 😉

wedding shopping 4

5. Everything’s pink!

And I didn’t even realise it. Half my trousseau is pink with just bits of green. What have I done?! Where did all the blues and oranges and yellows and purples and beiges go? Why didn’t I keep a tab?wedding shopping 5

6. No re, I can’t try out more clothes

I’ve managed to break more than a few hair strands and the zipper’s got stuck like a zillion times. And I absolutely CANNOT stand to see the shopwale bhaiya draping a sari on me yet again! 

wedding shopping 6

7. And now the Mr steps in

How does he manage to find the ugliest sherwani ever made? And now he wants me to go shopping for the rest of his outfits with him!

wedding shopping 7

8. Abhi toh shopping shuru hui hai!

I’m still to match all those larger-than-life outfits with the right footwear and jewellery. And matching clutches.

wedding shopping 8

9. Kareenawala lehenga!

Am I really going to be wearing a 15 kg lehenga with a 2 kg head piece?! While running around in 5-inch heels that’ll dig into the ground? Will I be able to move my head or lift my arms. I’ll basically be a stiff robot on my wedding shopping 9

10. Bachaaaoooo!

I can’t. I can’t take it anymore. I am losing it. I have turned into a bridezilla. My friends are avoiding me. I eat, sleep and talk shopping. No more. Not anymore!!!

wedding shopping 10

11. I’m gonna knock ’em dead!

Wait till they see my shaadi joda – they’ll be talking about it for months!

wedding shopping 11

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