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Chop It Off: These Bobs & Lob Hairstyles Are Set To Dominate 2021

Chop It Off: These Bobs & Lob Hairstyles Are Set To Dominate 2021

Are you desperately looking for a makeover and your long hair is getting too tedious to handle, well, we’ve got just the hairstyle that will give you that instant glow up you’re craving for. Bobs and lob hairstyles are taking over the trend charts RN with many famous names and influencers chopping it all off for shorter, chicer options. Unlike the good old days, shorter cuts, nowadays don’t necessarily mean bowl cuts or getting that boyband hairstyle. 

No matter your hair type there are different types of bobs and lobs suited for straight, curly, wavy and coily tresses which ooze elegance and instantly make the wearer look like a trendsetter. From ultra-short to shoulder length, we’ve listed down all the trendy bobs and lob hairstyles that are going to be all over your social feed in 2021.

The Sleek Lob

For those tired of their straight, long hair, give yourself a model-makeover with this ultra-sleek lob haircut. You can thank model Kaia Gerber for bringing the razor-sharp lob to life on the Chanel catwalk. This hairstyle is not only stylish but also low maintenance.

The Beachy Lob

For those with beachy curls or wavy hair, this hairstyle is just for you. Chrissy Teigen is the pioneer of this hairstyle as she showed us time and time again how to effortlessly own this haircut at any event or occasion.

The Curly Bob

If you though those with curly hair could never go short, well, think again. Calling all the curly-haired peeps, this hairstyle is just for you— or at least for those brave enough to try it. Managing curly hair can be quite cumbersome, this is where this hairstyle comes to the rescue. With plenty of layers, the curly bob is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

The Parted Lob

If the curly bob is too short for your taste, then check out this ‘80s inspired hairstyle. The parted curly bob is all about keeping the hair at shoulder length while parting it from the extreme side rather than the middle to get that dramatic makeover.

The Fringe Bob

While this is gaining popularity, the fringe bob hairstyle yields different results. If you are planning on trying this hairstyle, be prepared with a lot of hair styling products as it may not come out as expected. Instead of keeping the bangs really short, you could do wispy bangs with slightly longer strands for a slightly polished look.

The Dipped Dye Bob

For those looking for something a bit edgier, colour the ends in a bold hue. Shades of pink, red and even purple are sure to grab attention and make you look like a trendsetter.

The Blunt Bangs Bob

This hairstyle is perfect for those with long, oval faces. Blunt bangs with shoulder-length hair perfectly frame the face while making you look chic and stylish. If you need inspiration, check out Bella Hadid’s blunt bangs blob hairstyle.

Old Hollywood Blob

Get out your old Hollywood glam side with this hairstyle. The old Hollywood bob is all about keeping it short while adding curls to the tips. Pair this hairstyle with a red lippy and you’re sure to look like the next Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to change things up in 2021, why not start with your hairstyle.


Featured Image: Instagram

03 Dec 2020

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