It's The Season Of Giving! Check Out These Curly Girl-Approved Holiday Gifts

It's The Season Of Giving! Check Out These Curly Girl-Approved Holiday Gifts

Got a friend, cousin, gf / bf who loves embracing their naturally curly hair? Well, if you are planning on gifting them hair products you might need to do your research first. The festive season is upon us and many don’t hesitate to gift curly hair centric products to their near and dear ones who are all for the #naturalhair movement. But before you go ahead and fill their stockings, you might want to check if the products are curly hair approved. This means that whether it is shampoo, conditioner or hair gels and creams, they shouldn’t contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulphates and silicones--- these ingredients are every curls worse nightmare.

Didn’t know about this? Well, don’t panic just yet. We’ve listed down a few holiday gifts that are curly hair approved. 

Curly Hair Sets


Instead of buying just a shampoo or conditioner, why not get an entire set consisting of shampoos, conditioners, creams and gels? Since the curly hair movement gained momentum a couple of years back, many new brands are emerging in the market, creating products specifically for natural hair. These products are mostly enriched with natural ingredients and free from chemicals that can damage curls. 



Wella Professionals NUTRICURLS Deep Treatment Mask For Waves & Curls

INR 1,035 AT Wella Professionals


Wella Professionals NUTRICURLS Sulphate Free Shampoo

INR 1,050 AT Wella


Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream

INR 2,700 AT Moroccanoil

Satin Lined Beanie


It’s winter season and that means it’s time get out the beanies --- the one product that can take your style quotient from 0 to 100. Unfortunately, those with curly hair avoid these woollen hats as they tend to frizz up natural hair. This festive season surprise your curly hair peeps with a satin beanie. These are a godsend for any hair type as they protect the hair from harsh weather and reduce friction which results in less frizz. These beanies also decrease hair breakage, keep hair and skin moisturized, limits wrinkles, help hair curl and retain their original shape and best of all, you needn’t worry about hat-hair.


ADAMA Satin Lined Jersey Beanie, Black


Satin-Lined Baseball Hat


For your peeps who love wearing baseball hats but can’t, due to the dreaded hat-hair, a satin-lined baseball hat will make the perfect holiday gift. Just like a beanie, satin-lined baseball hats reduce friction, protect the hair from frizz, and keep it moisturised all day long. 


Silk Pillowcase


Looking for something on the luxe side, then why not gift silk pillowcases. Yes, they are a blessing for natural hair, but they can also work their magic on any hair type. Satin pillowcases help smooth frizzy hair and minimize static, so you needn’t worry about waking up with a frizz-fest on your head. Aside from its hair benefits, satin pillowcases also keep your skin supple and allow your pores to breathe while reducing the chances of fine lines and wrinkles.


Opal Blue Pillowcase

INR 5,549 AT Dame Essentials

Maintenance Self Care Kit

You can create your own self-care kit by including little accessories that are beneficial for curly hair people. This can include a wide-tooth comb, a puff cuff, satin scrunchie, hair barrettes, silk headband, bedazzled bobby pins, or even a thermal heat cap. 



Women Black & White Floral Print Scrunchie with Knot Detail

INR 449 AT Blueberry

Hair Diffusers


When it comes to long, natural hair, the hair drying process can take as long as 5 to 7 hours to air dry. This can pose quite a problem when there is a function to attend or if the person has someplace to be. In such situations, hair diffusers come to the rescue. This is the perfect holiday gift for someone with curly hair as it speeds up the drying process, but unlike your regular hairdryer, this one diffuses the hot air evenly without causing any hair damage. 



Havells HD3270 2-In-1 Hair Dryer With Diffuser And Thin Concentrator

INR 1,744 AT Havells

Up your gifting game, this season with these curly-hair approved products.

Featured Image: Pexels