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The Step By Step Guide For Shaving Your Hair “Down There”!

The Step By Step Guide For Shaving Your Hair “Down There”!

Does the very thought of putting hot wax “down there” send shivers up and down your spine? You’re not alone! Plenty of women prefer shaving to waxing their bikini area for a lot of reasons (not the least of which is the fact that shaving is far less painful). But shaving can come with its own share of issues, which is why we bring to you a handy, step-by-step guide on how to shave “down there” at home.


Before The Shave

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

To shave your bikini area properly, you’ll need to gather a certain amount of paraphernalia. It’s a good idea to have it all in one place before you begin the process, so here’s a list of things that you will need:

  1. An electric trimmer or a pair of small, sharp scissors for trimming
  2. A mirror to help you see better
  3. A mild exfoliator
  4. A good razor, preferably one with a pivoting head
  5. Shaving cream or gel, light and unscented
  6. Moisturizer

Step 2: Trim Away

Shaving down there at home

Before you begin shaving, trim your pubic hair so it’s easier to get rid of. If you’re clumsy and scared about using scissors, opt for an electric trimmer instead. Pull your hair away from the skin and snip it away safely. Aim for hair that’s no longer than about one-fourth of an inch long so it doesn’t get caught up in your razor.

Step 3: Soak Before You Shave

Never ever jump right into shaving dry, coarse hair. Before you begin shaving, soak into a nice bath of lukewarm water for at least ten minutes for soft skin and relaxing the hair follicles.

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Step 4: Exfoliating Is Essential

Shaving down there at home

Before you lather up your shaving cream, exfoliate! Use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin and align your hair outwards. This will ensure a smoother, closer shave. You can also use some oil to help your razor glide better.

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The Actual Shave

Step 5: Lather Up

Use a LOT of shaving cream when you’re shaving “down there”. Shaving your bikini region is very different from shaving your legs or arms, so avoid soap for lathering. Opt instead for some shaving foam or cream that is gentle and unscented, like this one.

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Step 6: Hold Your Skin Firm

Shaving down there at home

Razors work well on firm skin, so stretch your skin with your hand before you begin shaving. And since it can be difficult to see where exactly you’re putting your razor, position yourself in front of the mirror for a clearer view.

And now you can begin the actual shaving, but not before making sure that you’re using a good razor. Invest in a new one so that it glides better, and keep the cheap, disposable ones for easier-to-shave body parts like your legs and arms.

Step 7: Shave Right

Finally, begin the shave by gliding your razor in the direction that your hair is growing. Shaving along the grain will take longer, but it will prevent painful ingrown hairs, so beginning that way is a good idea. Once you’re comfortable with the razor, you can consider shaving against the grain since it gives a closer shave.

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Post-Shave Care

Step 8: Clean And Exfoliate Again

Shaving down there at home

After you’re done, wash the area with a gentle soap and exfoliate it again to prevent the appearance of tiny red bumps that tend to show up after shaving. You can use soothing aloe vera gel or a medicated cream like Soframycin to prevent itchiness and redness in the area. Using natural products like a cube of sugar for exfoliation will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Step 9: Wear Comfortable Panties

And last but not the least, wear soft, clean, cotton underwear for a few days to let your skin breathe! Your nether regions may feel strange for a few days after the shave, so save the silky lingerie for later.

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09 May 2016

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