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Beautiful Mehendi Designs To Inspire The Artist In You

Beautiful Mehendi Designs To Inspire The Artist In You

You’ve got to admit that mehndi designs are a work of art. There is nothing prettier than perfect shapes created with henna; they are mesmerizing to look at. These designs symbolize love, luck, and happiness. We give you some of the best and prettiest henna designs out there! They will not only steal your heart, but also inspire you to try them out for yourself. And even if you don’t consider yourself to be the artistic type, it’s always great to keep these designs as a reference for the upcoming wedding seasons, right?

7 Stunningly Awe-inspiring Mehndi Designs

1. The symmetrical beauty

1 prettiest mehendi designs This is one of those mehndi designs that captures beauty in the most aesthetic way possible. It’s minimal, unique and gorgeous at the same time. If you pick this pattern as the mehendi inspiration for your wedding, you’re bound to turn heads on your special day. Image: Tokomehndi on Instagram


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2. Straight out of a fairytale!

2 prettiest mehendi designs Love, love, love this mehendi design! We’re loving the detailing that went into this one. Floral swirls, majestic curves and a delicate lace finish. A bride deserves to look and feel like a princess on her big day, and this henna design will make that fairytale come true. Image: Weddingz.in on Instagram Also read: 10 Beautiful Bandhini Outfits… Perfect For Your Mehendi!


3. The artistic goddess

3 prettiest mehendi designs This lovely pattern is heavily inspired by dainty leaves. Every stroke of henna defines perfection. Be prepared to receive tons of compliments. You deserve it! Image: Kamalashennaworld on Instagram

4. Call me pretty

4 prettiest mehendi designs What is really admirable about this mehendi design is that it’s quite different from the rest. It’s very modern, new and beyond chic. It looks light on your hand, and will do a fabulous job of complimenting your outfit and personality too. Image: Kristina_brigatenko on Instagram


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5. The bridal queen

5 prettiest mehendi designs Peacocks, flowers, leaves, delicate lace patterns – this design has it all! From top to bottom, you can now look like the queen you were born to be. Image: Hennabyamita on Instagram Also read: The Cutest Mehendi Gifts For Your Guests (And So Pretty!)


6. Delicate floral patterns

6 prettiest mehendi designs Mehndi designs with floral patterns always look gorgeous. This pattern is slightly heavy, but it still looks pretty amazing. The floral mehndi design is prettier than ever! For a bride who wants to make a statement, this floral henna design will do the job for her. Image: Mehndibydivyanz on Instagram

7. For the love of minimalism!

7 prettiest mehendi designs For the bride who is always up-to-date with the latest trends, this mehendi design will really capture her attention and steal her heart. It’s so elegant, edgy and very pretty. She’s going to look like a star on her big day! Image: Yadavi_devi_dasi on Instagram So there you have it. 7 of the most stunning mehndi designs that serve to inspire the artist in you. And even if not for weddings, you can just try some of them out. As you can see, most of them are pretty simple, which just goes to show how much beauty there is in simplicity. Featured Image: Shutterstock

22 Jul 2016
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