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9 Stunning Mangalsutras For The Modern Bride!

9 Stunning Mangalsutras For The Modern Bride!
A “mangala sutra”, as the name suggests, is that auspicious piece of jewellery which the groom ties around the neck of a bride. It not only denotes that a woman is married, but it is also supposed to imbue her with strength for this new phase of life. It's a piece that most Indian brides wear all the time, so why not pick an amazing option that’s gorgeous and elegant and will look beautiful with all your outfits? Here are some beautiful mangalsutra designs for you to choose from!

1. The Arched Grace

1 beautiful mangalsutra designs

For the woman who likes simplicity in her jewellery, this elegant semi-circle shaped diamond-studded piece is just perfect. It’s delicate, with the right amount of bling, and it’s something that will blend with every kind of an outfit.

Price: Rs 29,551. Buy it here.

2. The Entwined Creation

2 beautiful mangalsutra designs

This silver gold beauty is a treat for the eyes. It’s got a matte finish and is perfect for the girl who wants to wear something that exudes a refinement. We love the tiny little diamond drops that add the sweetest finishing touch!

Price: Rs 11,059. Buy it here.

3. The Circular Poise

3 beautiful mangalsutra designs

For the bride who wants to dazzle and stand out, this rounded pendant is simply breathtaking. The diamond circles along with the gold ones create a harmonious medley, making this mangalsutra a unique piece.

Price: Rs 25,052. Buy it here.

4. Fresh And Delicate

4 beautiful mangalsutra designs

The modest leaf-like pattern, along with the delicate string of black beads, is so pretty. It’s charming enough to be worn every day. For the woman who likes things delicate, this should be your pick.

Price: Rs 17,776. Buy it here.

5. The Rounded Beauty

5 beautiful mangalsutra designs

Non-fussy yet sweet, this rounded mangalsutra is for everyday wear. The three diamonds encrusted inside the rounded frames and the tiny solid balls that hold this together are simply delightful!

Price: Rs 11,559. Buy it here.

6.  The Pretty Pattern

6 beautiful mangsultra designs

The fluid design of this mangalsutra makes it an excellent choice. The rose gold colour and the streak of diamonds throughout is beautiful, we’d say. It’s feminine and flowy and we love that about this one.

Price: Rs 16,335. Buy it here.

7. The Geometric Magic

7 beautiful mangalsutra designs

For the woman who doesn’t want to indulge in diamonds and prefers something a bit more solid. The four petal shaped motifs along with textured and silver alternates make this piece gorgeous to say the least. We love the twisting design of this one.

Price: Rs 9,063. Buy it here.

8. The Crescent Shine

8 beautiful mangalsutra designs

The focus on this mangalsutra is the tiny diamonds surrounding the semi-circular motif. The wing like design and the adjacent gold make this an extraordinary choice. For the bride who likes to shine every single day!

Price: Rs 20,901. Buy it here.

9. The Modern Piece

9 beautiful mangalsutra designs

This is one for the new-age bride. This mangalsutra doesn’t look like a traditional piece and has an interesting spin to it. It actually looks like a trendy necklace yet has all the elements from the sacred sutra!

Price: Rs 30,162. Buy it here.

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