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The Most *Gorgeous* Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Special Day!

The Most *Gorgeous* Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Special Day!

A peacock, some flowers and paisley motifs - tell us what this is and you might stand a chance to win a prize! Well, you probably guessed it right. We're talking about bridal Mehndi designs. Mehndi designs are fascinating works of art and your bridal Mehndi symbolizes luck, happiness and love. No wonder then that the design should be nothing less than perfect! From a classic dulha-dulhan motif to a design that tells your love story, we've shortlisted 18 of our favourite bridal Mehndi designs. And if that wasn't enough, there's all you need to know about making your Mehndi last longer and look darker. Plus, the Delhi bride's guide to the best Mehndi artists in the city. Now isn't that all that you were looking for?!

1. Festivity in the air, and on the hands!


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The first thing we notice in this picture is obviously the electric blue nail paint, but on closer inspection, the beautiful dancing couple comes into view. Isn’t this design minimalism at its best? We are not only stunned by how intricate this henna design is but also how neatly it has been carved.

Still can’t get over the colour of her nail paint, though? Get the same one from Nykaa for Rs. 152.

2. Move over ‘message in a bottle’, it’s time to carve out a message in the Mehndi!


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Mehndi is said to have a positive effect on one’s mind. It even has herbal properties that helps in cooling down the body temperature. And to add to its umpteen qualities, you could even carve out a message through a beautiful design! This bride got ‘the best is yet to come’ inscribed in her Mehndi design, which is such a cool idea! You could even incorporate your favourite quote to make it unique.

3. Oh-so-elegant!  

Like we said earlier, minimal seems to be the trend for bridal Mehndi this season. Gone are the days when bridal Mehndi went all the way up to your elbows (and sometimes higher!). More and more brides are opting for detailed yet subtle Mehndi designs. The ‘less is more’ concept works here; it is all about the pretty designs! 

Want your hands to look even prettier? This gota and pom-pom haath phool for Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, priced at Rs 1,580, is just what you need!

4. Team doggo, now and always!


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Doggie lover, are you? Then why not involve your furry friend in every aspect of your wedding, just like this bride did here. She got a picture of her pup in her bridal Mehndi and we just can’t get our eyes off it!

5. Pretty up them feet too…

A closer look will make you applaud its intricacy and minimal design aesthetics even more. Henna-dyed feet look gorgeous, and if the design is right and flattering, then trust us, you will never want it to fade out!

This gorgeous pair of anklets is the perfect adornment for your stunning henna-dyed feet. Get it on Myntra for Rs 639.

6. For those who believe in ‘Less is More’

Joining back work soon after your wedding? This intricate yet minimal Mehndi design is #goals. This can be an ideal pattern for brides who have sensitive skin and also for those who cannot stand the smell of henna (yes, some people actually DON’T like it!)

7. Is the diamond prettier or the Mehndi? We say the Mehndi… 

Look how pretty! If you want your hands to be covered with Mehndi but not look OTT, then you should go for a design like this. The leafy pattern is simple and yet manages to look so damn good. The only thing about minimal Mehndi is that it should be very neatly done, else it can look too shabby.

Want a comfy robe to wear while you get your bridal makeup and hair done? This floral one from Myntra available for Rs 759 is just right for you!

8. There is so much beauty in symmetry

This design is so neatly done that one could mistake it for a photoshopped one. Perfectly symmetrical Mehndi on both hands and feet looks gorgeous. This is why you should always opt for the best Mehndi designers in your city. Here’s a list of some of the best ones in delhi that you should check out.

9. His picture in your heart, and on the hands…


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The artistic portrait Mehndi has been a rage since last year, and we totally understand why! If you want to opt for a design that’s grand and unique, you could go for portrait Mehndi. Make sure you choose an experienced Mehndi artist who can do justice to such an artistic design, or else it can be quite a disaster!

Don’t you love this bride’s gorgeous pink and green lehenga? Buy a similar combination on Amazon for Rs 2,789.

10. Coz’ jaals will never go out of fashion

Jaali design and weddings are inseparable. From the phoolon ki chaadars to floral dupattas, wedding decor and now even Mehndi designs, the jaali motif is quite a favourite amongst brides. They look elegant and have the power to instantly perk up almost every bridal outfit.

11. Puppy love, literally!


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We know the insane amount of love people have for their doggos, and there is no harm in including your furry friends in every aspect of your wedding. We have seen pets involved in pre-wedding photoshoots, become ring bearers and even be an integral part of the pheras. So why leave Mehndi behind? Here’s a bride who showed her love for her little guy by getting him etched into her Mehndi design. 

If you want super dark bridal mehendi, then we suggest you get this tea oil from Amazon ASAP! It will give you the darkest and prettiest mehendi ever and is available just for Rs 1800.

12. The tale of love...


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It’s so much work telling all your guests about your love story and how it all started, isn’t it? So our very own Plixxo Super Blogger Masoom Minawala came up with this genius trick where she got her love story designed into her Mehndi. The London Eye and London Bridge hold a lot of importance for her, because that is where Shailin (her husband) proposed to her! Isn’t this a great idea? We are surely impressed!

13. What’s your mantra?

bridal mehendi designs

All of us have a phrase, a slogan or a mantra that we hold close to our hearts, and for this bride it was the Gayatri Mantra, which she got beautifully written in her Mehndi. It doesn’t just look pretty, but we are sure it gave the bride a very nice and positive feeling on her big day.

In that one moment that we took our eyes off the beautiful Mehndi designs, we couldn’t help but notice the bride’s gorgeous yellow outfit. So we found this pretty kurta in the same colour on Jabong for Rs 625. Hurry, it’s a steal!

14. #Hashtag on the hands

We’ve seen people put up their wedding hashtags all across their wedding venue. It's on Instagram, at the entrances to their wedding venue and even on the tables at their wedding and pre-wedding functions. But this bride went a step ahead and added the hashtag to her Mehndi design. And it looked so SO cool!

15. In alliance with your spiritual side

It’s amazing to be in touch with your spiritual side at all times, and how can somebody who is so devoted to their religion not incorporate it into all the aspects of their wedding! This pretty bride got caricatures of her God embroidered on her wedding lehenga. And not just that, she even got them etched in her bridal Mehndi!

We found a similar blue dupatta just like the one the bride is wearing! Wanna know where? Well, it’s available on Amazon for just Rs 385. Go get it!

16. We’re the foodies

This is going to be most of us at our wedding! For all the brides who love food, this is the perfect way to go about their bridal Mehndi. The bride included fries and coke in her design because this was what she had with her husband-to-be on their first date. How adorable is that! Do you remember what you ordered on your first date with your to-be hubby? If not, then get thinking ladies…

17. Break the rules


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You don’t really need to follow the same old designs, and it’s time you break the monotony and opt for a checkered design instead. And trust us, going a little off track will only add an edge to your bridal Mehndi. 

Buy this Gold Leaf Cut Hand Chain Ring Bracelet on Shopclues for just Rs 240 to give you that understated look with your edgy checkered Mehndi design.

18. Drawing inspo from paintings


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When your creativity flows and you know your client is relying on you without giving it a second thought you do come up with something breathtaking. So did, Divya Patel when her client gave her full freedom to go with whatever Mehndi design the artist prefers and the result is for you to see. She drew a painting she saw somewhere which she can't quite recall, but we must say, the concept of a bird and cage is absolutely gorgeous.

Here are some tips for dark & long-lasting bridal Mehndi

Getting the best Mehndi design is paramount for a bride. Book the best Mehndi artist for the wedding and get set to grab all the praises for how beautiful it looks. But what comes next is painful - will the Mehndi last the distance? What if you eff up the design? What if it isn’t dark enough once it dries up? Etc etc, and it goes on and on. Don't hit the panic mode, stop stressing. Let us help you with all you need to make your bridal Mehndi darker.

1. Beauty treatments post Mehndi application? Strict no-no!

1 bridal mehendi

Image: Bright Photography

Getting a manicure and a pedicure before your wedding is a must, and you can’t skip it. Many keep it for the last moment but plan it before getting your Mehndi done. Any beauty treatment after you get your favourite design on will fade away your Mehndi. 

2. Lemon and sugar, the age-old universal therapy 

This is the most commonly used trick to make the Mehndi darker, so you shouldn't really ignore it. Once you are done scraping off your Mehndi after it dries up, keep dabbing a mixture of lemon and sugar on your palms at regular intervals and you will already start feeling the change in colour. 

3. Grandma's tip: Clove fumes

3 bridal mehendi-clove

Image: Shutterstock 

Try this old school grandma’s tip to get your Mehndi on point. Now that you are done with the lemon and sugar trick, all you need to do is just run your palms over the fumes of cloves on an iron pan. It will help you keep the colour intact and make it even darker. 

4. Cover it up, simple! 

Once you are done with your Mehndi, we suggest you keep it under the wraps. This helps your skin soak in the colour and is perfect if you’re applying the Mehndi outdoors and want to save it from sunlight. Don’t try to do it yourself as you might end up spoiling the design. Ask your Mehndi artist to do it for you using a plastic wrap. 

5. Eucalyptus oil is universally flattering

5 bridal mehendi-eucalyptus

Image: Shutterstock 

The smell of Mehndi is funny, right? Most find it irritating and stinky. For those, eucalyptus oil is the best rescue. It smells really good and makes a whole lot easier to wash away the stinky smell of Mehndi. Not just that, it also helps in restoring the colour for a long time. 

6. Vicks can heal Mehndi too!

You have used Vaseline before, right? Now, try the Vicks balm on your Mehndi. After you are done with scraping off your Mehndi, just apply vicks and rub it gently on your palms. Leave it for a few hours and trust us, it will leave you with results that will make you swoon. 

Looking for the best of Mehndi artists in Delhi, we provide you with every detail you need

1. Kundan Mehendi Artist

Bridal Mehendi: Starts at Rs 11,000

Contact:+91 9810910844 

2. Raju Mehendi Artist

Bridal Mehendi: Starts at Rs 5,100

Contact: +91 9810661847 

3. Shalini Gagneja

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At Rs 5,100 onwards

Contact:+91 9996766100 

4. Deepa’s Mehendi

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At  Rs 7,500

Contact: +91-9820222241 

5. Alankritaa

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At Rs 15,000

Contact: +91-7837224838 

6. Ravi Brijwasi Mehendi

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At Rs 15,000

Contact:+91 9810177311 

7. Mehendi Design by Bhawana Taneja 

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At Rs 7,100 onwards

Contact: +91 9041124377 

8. Harin Dalal Bridal Mehendi Artist

Bridal Mehendi: Starts At  Rs 25,000

Contact: +91-9825972824


Featured Image: PhotozAapki

Published on Dec 5, 2017
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