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The Kardashians Love Keeping Up With French Tips

The Kardashians Love Keeping Up With French Tips

The French Manicure has remained a cult-favourite through the decades, and the Kardashians seem to have subscribed to the old-school nail-art trend recently—what with their feeds thronging with varying iterations of the style. The clan has cemented nail-art as non-negotiable in tying a look together, and that’s why we’re looking at some of the best renditions they’ve presented to us over the past couple of months. Ahead—the very best.

The Kardashians’ Tryst With The French Manicure

Very Cherry

Drenched in swirls of cherry-inspired art, Kourtney’s nails diffuse into blood-red tips in all of their almond-shaped glory. This iteration of the French Manicure is striking—but it’s not excessively bold or bright. It plays to the minimalism of a French Manicure, and the drama of detailed nail-art.

Klassic Khloe

Unlike Kourtney, Khloe displays the traditional French Manicure—with arcs of white embellishing her square-shaped tips. While the youngest of the sisters isn’t one to shy away from extravagance, she tends to balance her dramatic alter-ego with subtle and minimalistic nail-art.

Abstract Art

Just like Khloe, Kendall fashions a side-swept ‘do with a classic French Manicure on almond-shaped tips. If you look closely, her tips aren’t completely white—more like abstract swirls of white.

Rosy Red

Kourtney’s heart-shaped tips are absolutely stunning. The oldest Kardashian posted this back in 2021 to make her relationship with now-husband Travis Barker official. It’s safe to say that that this one captured our hearts.

Silver Spice

A French Manicure—but in place of white, you drown your tips in silver to change it up a little.

Rhinestone Renegade

Featured: Instagram

If you’re fond of rhinestones, why not add them to the equation? Kylie’s manicure features pearly-white rhinestones sprawled out all over her nails. This is ideal for when you don’t want to stray away from your minimalistic alter-ego—but are looking for something a little different.

Klassy Kylie

Featured: Instagram

Another classic Frenchie.

And those were our all-time favourites. Which one did you like the most?

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Jun 2022

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