Your Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of French Manicures

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jan 7, 2022
Your Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of French Manicures


If we had to crown one beauty trend the fan-favourite of 2021, it’d have to be the French manicure. Previously considered frumpy, outdated, and old-fashioned, French-inspired nail designs began their revenge accent back in 2020, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. 

Not only is the traditional stark white French manicure overtaking our Instagram feeds and nail-dusted inspiration board, but countless whimsical, unexpected, and uber-cool takes on the trend are also popping up. The sky’s the limit when it comes to French nail designs – not only can you switch up your tip with a shade of choice (we’re especially loving pastels and neons), but things like glitter, rhinestones, and additional patterns make for an equally chic update. Side-tip, inverted, two-toned – the 2022 version of the French mani is way cooler than it’s ever been before. So to help you with your next salon appointment, we have rounded up a guide to all of the different types of French manicure trends that are surging for 2022.

The Coolest French-Inspired Nail Art We’ve Laid Our Eyes On This Month

Try them yourself or simply screenshot for whenever we’re allowed to visit the nail salon again. Keep scrolling. 

Double French Mani Trend

This is one of the trendiest styles flooding our FYPs at the moment. The trend involves two lines at the tip of the nail. They can either hug closely together or have negative space between them. 

Classic Deep French Manicure

The deep french mani looks a lot like a traditional french mani – the only difference is the tip of the nails is much thicker and extends deeper into the base colour. 

Inverted French Manicure

With the inverted french manicure trend, your nail cuticles are lines in a solid colour of nail polish instead of the nail tips. 

Neon French Manicure Trend

This trend uses neon nail polish colours to create different nail art designs. It can work on all different types of french nail art. 

Filigree French Manicure

The “filigree” french manicure is often described as delicate, open lines done at the tip. This nail art trend is particularly inspired by the intricate art style that traditionally used wire-detailing or metalwork to trace a specific pattern onto an object. 

Glitter French Manicure Trend

In place of using plain white nail polish, the glitter french manicure uses a glittery nail polish on the tip of your nails for that extra sparkle. 

The Heart-Tipped French Manicure

If you’re looking to kill some extra time at home and take your winter manicure up a notch, consider trying this breakout nail-art trend that equal parts festive as it is minimalistic chic. This is a classic take on the trend and it will legit make you heart skip a beat this Valentine’s Day .

Crystal French Mani Trend

This style incorporates the use of rhinestones and crystals instead of nail polish to create an extra-glam look. 

Metallic French Manicure Trend

This one’s a celeb-favourite. To get the look, you simply need to swap your white nail paint with a metallic nail polish shade like gold or silver. 

Two-Toned French Manicure

As the name suggests, the two-toned french mani trend uses two colours of the same nail paint hue to create a double line at the tip of your digits. 

Side-Tip French Mani

The side-tip French mani trend features straight lines drawn diagonally across the nails running from one side to the centre of the tip.

Pointed French Mani

The pointed French mani looks best when done on square and coffin-shaped nails, but it can be done on any other shape you choose. The style features a tip that comes to a point in the middle. 

Which one of these french manicure styles is your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram