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Manicure Mondays: Here Are The Best Nail Shapes You Can Try Out Today!

Manicure Mondays: Here Are The Best Nail Shapes You Can Try Out Today!

Have you ever been asked at a nail salon what nail shape you would like? If you’re like me you’ve probably heard of 2-3 basic nail shapes. What happens when the technician confuses you with alien terms? Stiletto, squoval, almond, ballerina! Wait, what?! 

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Next time you plan on getting fancy talons, here are the coolest Insta-worthy nail shapes you need to know! 


The perfect shape for all you conservative ladies out there. The round nail shape is great if you prefer short nails. It’s pretty easy to maintain and looks great on people with long fingers and large hands.

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This nail shape much resembles an egg, elongating your fingers and adding a feminine touch to any manicure. This is probably the best nail shape for short fingers since it has an elongating effect on the hands.



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One of the most popular nail shapes, the square nail much as the name suggests is a boxy looking nail. Just make sure you buff off the edges so you don’t end up scratching yourself. Square nails look nice on most people, they look particularly great with a french manicure or some classic black polish! 

Squoval (Square +Oval)

A hybrid, this is a kinda square, kinda oval nail shape. This nail shape is universally flattering again, adding length and feminity to those digits. If you have particularly long nails, this one looks great with a nude manicure.


Almond nails are very elegant and lady-like, this nail shape again elongates short fingers. Almond nails are pretty similar to oval nails, only with a sharper, slightly narrow tip.


The stiletto nail shape is the ultimate bad girl nail shape sported by your favourite celebrities! This looks particularly great with a gel manicure and bold polish!

Ballerina or Coffin 


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Ballerina nails are a Kardashian favourite. To explain it in words, it’s a pointy stiletto-esque nail with a squared off tip. 

Which of these are you getting?


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10 Jan 2018

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