The Longer The Better: Wanna Try Clip-In Hair Extensions? This Guide Will Help You A Lot

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jan 5, 2022
The Longer The Better: Wanna Try Clip-In Hair Extensions? This Guide Will Help You A Lot


Have you ever looked at someone with impossible thick, long, and lustrous locks and wondered which piece of their genetic code was responsible for such wonder? Well, these days, there’s a good chance those enviable tresses have less to do with DNA and more to do with hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are life-savers in helping us experiment with all kinds of colours and lengths that we may not have tried otherwise, and the best thing is that they’re not just popular among celebrities like the Kardashians- they’re more accessible than ever.

Clip-ins are the key to looking oh-so-fab in a jiffy and are surprisingly easy to use. Even if a major transformation isn’t your goal, hair extensions have become as casual an option for increasing length, volume, and thickness in your hair as just about anything out there. So, today we are listing down everything you need to know about clip-in hair extensions along with the best hair extensions that’ll help you ace glossy mermaid-esque waves that Kim and Kylie have practically trademarked on IG.

How To Use Hair Extensions

There are endless detachable wefts on the market that add length, enhance volume, or add colour to your hair. And unlike some hair extensions, the application is as simple as clipping them in and yanking them out at the end of the night. All you have to do is start with clean, blown-out hair. Then, section off your hair using a fine-tooth comb. Part your hair roughly in line with the midline of your eye and apply clip-ins. If your extension is not super flat, the grip can be an issue. Therefore, we recommend back-combing and teasing the roots along the scalp of each section in order to give the clips something to really latch onto.

You can also spritz the teased roots with a quick hit of hair spray for extra assurance of hold. Clip-in placement will largely depend on how much hair you have and what kind of look you’re after, but as a rule of thumb, place each extension roughly one or two inches apart from one another and just an inch or so above the other one. 

The Best Hair Extensions That’ll Help You Nail Every Hairstyle

The Cult-Loved Extensions

These individual clip-ins are a choice to use for updos when you want your hair on the sides and front of your head to appear fuller; it’s no surprise that they are a fave among many stylists. It’s perf for those who wish to add a little bit of volume to their low-volume areas. Made from 100% virgin remy human hair, it looks super natural and can also be heat-styled according to your style preferences.

For An Ultra-Glamm Look

Whether you’re after an all-out glamorous look or you have short hair, added volume is your friend when it comes to extensions. If you have short hair, thick hair, or a blunt haircut, you might find it difficult to blend your hair with clip-in extensions. That’s where this hair extension comes in handy. This 16-inch clip-in extension will help you nail that red carpet-worthy hairdo without breaking your bank account.

For Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyle

Beaux clip extensions are the extension version of a salon-level hairstyle, so you know they are going to have great products. No matter whether you already have long hair and want to go longer, or simply are going for an ultra-long effect, pick up these. Many options offer 24-inch pieces as their longest. Plus, they’re made from 100% virgin Remy hair. 

An All-Around Winner

An industry favourite, you can count on The Nish Hair Shop for an excellent product time and time again. If you have thick hair and are looking to turn up the volume or style further, opt for the easy-to-install extensions. There are wide-ranging extensions available in different hues, lengths, and styles to help you transform your look in minutes. Add this to your cart if you want hair like an Instagram Influencer.

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