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Permanent Hair Extensions: The Easy Way To Get The Hairstyle Of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered how to get luscious, dreamy locks that the girls on TV so effortlessly flaunt? Like all of us, have you also tried everything to achieve that – from expensive hair treatments to tiresome gharelu nuskhas but nothing worked? Then you, my friend, need to give permanent hair extensions a try. No! We’re not talking about the daily hassle of clipping them on and off for hours. Conveniently different from temporary hair extensions, there are different types of permanent hair extensions that can save you from the labour of installing and removing hair extensions per diem. In turn, you get the perfect volume and body of hair that you have always wanted!

Types Of Permanent Hair Extensions

The market for hair extensions has rapidly multiplied over the years. From specific requirements like hair extensions for short hair to permanent hair extensions for thin hair, there is an option for every demand. While there are many types of temporary hair extensions like clip-on and halo extensions, today we will be highlighting permanent hair extensions.

Tape-In Hair Extensions


Longevity: Up to 8 weeks

Tape in hair extensions are considered to be semi-permanent hair extensions. Hair strands from a doner are bundled in a uniform manner on a tape unit. Self-explanatory, tape-in extensions come with an inch of tape with medical-grade adhesive. Small sections of hair are sandwiched between the tape fronts of these extensions for a seamless look.

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions


Longevity: 4-8 weeks

Keratin tip is a type of permanent hair extension that is made up of several hair strands. It looks like an extremely small bundle of hair that gets bonded to an individual’s natural hair. Keratin tip hair extensions do not use tape or glue to stick to natural hair, but get bonded with keratin adhesive that is present on the tips of these bundles. 

Micro Ring Hair Extensions


Longevity: 6-8 weeks

Micro ring hair extensions are another type of permanent hair extensions that help you achieve volume, body and length without any glue, bonding or taping. This type of permanent hair extension works by securing a micro ring near the base of natural hair. Natural hair is then pulled through the ring, extension pieces are added, and the micro ring is clamped shut.

How To Care For Permanent Hair Extensions

The longevity of your permanent hair extensions majorly depends on how they are handled and cared for. Here are some pointers to look out for:

Regular washing


While it’s easier to think that washing your hair with permanent extensions can damage your hair, doing it correctly can avoid that. Ask your hairdresser the suitable hair wash technique for your type of extensions. Maintaining proper hygiene is one of the key factors for long lasting hair extensions.

Sleep On Silk Or Satin


Silk or satin pillowcases or head covers help in locking in moisture. This avoids your permanent hair extensions from drying out, and losing their life.

Regular Brushing


Avoid leaving your permanent hair extensions unbrushed for long periods of time. Keep them brushed and gently solve all the knots that may have formed to avoid breakage. Ask your hairdresser specific advice for your type of permanent hair extension for targeted care. 


How long do permanent hair extensions last?

Permanent hair extensions can last from 6 to 10 weeks. This duration depends on the type of permanent hair extension you opt for, and how you care for them after installation. Proper care is extremely important in order for these hair extensions to last.

What type of permanent hair extensions are best?

Permanent hair extension price ranges from Rs 250 per unit to Rs 700 per unit approximately. This price range depends on the quality and processing of the whole bundle. If you’re looking for the best type of permanent hair extension for yourself, try to gauge your budget and requirement beforehand.

Do hair extensions damage existing hair?

Permanent hair extensions for women do hold the potential to damage your natural hair. This generally happens when they are not taken care of properly. Natural hair damage can also happen if you decide to budget down on your permanent hair extension cost. Opting for low-quality hair extensions and careless application can lead to major hair damage.

How much does it cost to get permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extension price can also vary on the basis of the hair your extensions are using. Permanent hair extension cost is usually higher for human hair, and goes even higher for virgin human hair. On the other hand, synthetic extensions are cheaper. 

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Permanent hair extensions might be difficult to look after, but hey, these amazing bundles of joy give you the best hairstyles your thin hair could only dream of! So splurge on that permanent hair extension, and give yourself the blessing of luscious locks.

Featured Image: Pexels

22 Sep 2021

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