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#ReadySetGo: The 5-Minute Makeup Routine for Girls on the Go

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you will wake up early enough to get ready instead of being in a mad rush every morning, your snooze button always wins. Just because you oversleep doesn’t mean you need to show up to work looking like a flustered mess. We give you a few on-the-go makeup tips that don’t take more than a few minutes and will help you look and feel more put-together. Now you’ll know how those girls who show up looking perfect on Monday morning do it.


Step 1 – BB Cream To The Rescue

Save time by skipping the trouble of applying foundation perfectly, and the hassle of brushes and sponges. Instead, a good BB cream is all you need to fake dewy-looking skin. Apply it with your fingertips – it will moisturize your skin while giving you light coverage as well (perfect for the day when you don’t want to look too made up). It’s handy to have it in your purse at all times. 5-Minute Makeup Routine POPxo Recommends: Deborah Milano BB Cream Foundation, Price: INR 625

Step 2 – Conceal If Necessary

If you’re one of those blessed few who wake up looking fresh and fab (we secretly hate you!) then you can skip this step altogether. For the rest of us mere mortals, a few quick swipes of a creamy concealer over those problematic spots and dark circles over your touched-up skin is enough to do the trick. Use your fingers to blend. 5-Minute Makeup Routine POPxo Recommends: Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick SPF 20, Price: INR 500

Step 3 – Add Some Colour

Now that you’ve completed your base in under 2 minutes, it’s time to add a rosy flush to your cheeks to help make you look brighter and more awake. Cream blushes are great as they blend in easily – you can also use your lipstick as a makeshift blusher. We think having a lip and cheek stain in your bag is a smart idea as you can swipe on some colour on your lips and cheeks instantly. 5-Minute Makeup Routine POPxo Recommends: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain, Price: INR 850

Step 4 – Brighten Up Those Peepers

Obviously your lower lids need some definition to complete your look. An eye pencil that glides on quick and easy is just what you need to add some magic to your eyes. Next, try this pro trick- take some shimmery white eyeshadow – we love Faces Sparkle Dust White-Pink (Price: INR 349) and dab some on the inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten them up. Don’t forget to swipe some along your brow bone as well for the highlighted effect. Finish off with some mascara. 5-Minute Makeup Routine POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Price: INR 199

Step 5 – Perfect That Pucker

Stick to clear lip gloss instead of a bright lip colour. It will save you time from application and using a lip pencil. If you’re makeup game feels incomplete without some colour on your lips, then this is where that lip and cheek stain comes in handy. Also, a tinted lip balm is a great idea and is time-efficient. 5-Minute Makeup Routine POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro-Pink Shock, Price: INR 165

A Few Tricks To Help Save Time:

  • Prepare your makeup the night before. Think of what kind of eyeshadow and lipstick you want to wear in advance.
  • Carry oil-blotting wipes in your bag, to save you from constantly having to reapply powder while you’re on the move.
  • To save time, use an eyelash curler without applying mascara for some non-clumpy drama.
  • Look for products that do more than one job like the lip and cheek stain.

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06 May 2016

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