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Hugs, Brunch & Selfies: Team POPxo On What They Miss About Their Friends During Lockdown

Hugs, Brunch & Selfies: Team POPxo On What They Miss About Their Friends During Lockdown

It’s almost August and the coronavirus pandemic still persists unabated. I haven’t been out of my house since February and while I do realise my privilege here, I also want to crib about this train wreck of a year. I miss going to malls, dining in the amber glow of rooftop restaurants, and more than anything else the people I used to do all of this with–my friends

It’s Friendship Day this Sunday and I really don’t know how to get through the day without giving a warm, bear hug to at least one of my friends. Also, it has been almost half a year since I met any of them in person and I could kill to do that right now. But then again, I am sure that must be the case with all of you out there. There is just so much that we miss about our friends–that crazy, dependable bunch of (lovable) morons who have a way of making everything better. 

And while we cannot really meet our friends this Friendship Day, we can certainly make it special by celebrating what is it that we cherish and miss about them the most. Well, we at POPxo are certainly doing that as we celebrate this Friendship Day the social-distancing way and tell our friends what we miss the most about meeting them in person. Read on:

Grub Fests And Foodgasms

My friends and I love food, and catching up over some delicious grub was our favorite activity. And while we still hang out via video calls every now and then for ‘dinner’ and ‘happy hours’, I really miss the excitement of exploring new places to dine at and getting foodgasms together.

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

Of Cousins That Are Friends

My cousin, Ena, is the first friend I ever made, and honestly, we’ve been inseparable since bachpan. Her father gets posted to different cities so obviously, she moves too. But thankfully, his last posting was here in Delhi and I and my sister had the time of our lives. I miss meeting her every weekend over Big Chill desserts and lots of gossip, late-night takeouts from Taco Bell, and discussing dumb things we did in our childhood. The thing that I (don’t) definitely miss the most is her Netflix movie choices!

-Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

Bear Hugs And All That Warmth!

Virtual meets are a lifesaver and I am grateful we have that accessibility, but what I miss the most is hugging it out. At this point of time, it feels as if hugs were the solution to a lot of my worries, or at least they did the part in my head!

-Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer

Tipsy Nights & Hungover Mornings

I’m one of those people who has few but a solid bunch of friends. After four months in self-quarantine (and counting), what I miss the most about us is going out to CP all dressed up, only to come back to one of my friend’s house, change into comfy pyjamas, and look back at our drunk pictures from the night to post on Instagram.  

-Sayunkta Jain, Junior Editor

Brunches, Squishes, And Unlimited Selfies

As we are forced to practice social distancing, video calls are definitely a saviour. But going out for brunch, squishing each other and clicking unlimited selfies are some of the many things that I’m missing about not being able to meet my friends. 

Neha Kapoor, Senior Writer

Beer Mugs & Singing Our Lungs Out

The friends I made in junior college are still my go-to people today. 10 long years have gone by and our friendship is still going strong. This Friendship’s Day, I will miss seeing their faces, having beer mugs in our hands and singing to “What is love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)” by Haddaway!

-Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

Roasting Them In Person!

There exists no joy greater than roasting your friends in person! That said, I also really miss seeing my friends’ eyes light up as they talk about the things they love and are passionate about. I miss the feeling of sitting with them for hours, hogging on cheesy food, and chatting about life, love, and jerks!

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer 

So fam, what are you missing about your friends this Friendship Day?

31 Jul 2020

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