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Have Long Hair? Make a Cute Inverted Bun Hairstyle with These Simple Steps

Long hair look fabulous, but when you need to manage your mane, the easiest thing to do is to tie it back into a bun! Buns are not only functional for long hair, they also lend you a very neat and chic look for the day! So, if you’re looking to try out some functional-yet-adorable bun hairstyles, we bring you a super-cute inverted bun that’s especially awesome for longer hair!

What You Will Need :

Hair elastics

Bobby pins

A hair brush

Hint: This simple bun hairstyle works for anyone who can put their hair back into a ponytail!

Difficulty Level: Easier than saying 123!

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Step 1

Part your hair from one side – drawing your hair around the line of your eyebrow.

Step 2

Brush through your hair so it’s smooth and manageable.

Step 3

Start to make a ponytail, but when you reach the last twist, do not put all the hair through, leaving you with a loose bun.

Step 4

Separate the hair by twisting the bun hairstyle around and resting it on your hair elastic.

Step 5

Make a hole above the bun and tuck all of the remaining hair into that hole, making sure not to pull all the hair through the bottom!

Step 6

Now, neatly tuck all the hair into the ponytail and keep tucking it in till it looks tidy.

Step 7

Use bobby pins on either side of the simple bun hairstyle to secure it in place

05 May 2016

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