5 Summer-Friendly Makeup Looks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Apr 23, 2021
5 Summer-Friendly Makeup Looks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam


Summer is already here and even though we can’t go for pool parties with our friends outside, we can always put on makeup and have virtual parties within the safety of our homes to feel better. So, to get you out of bed and in a happier mood, we’ve got our MyGlammXO Beauty Creators to show some super cute summer-friendly makeup looks that you’ve gotta recreate.

Summer-Friendly Makeup Looks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam

One In A Melon

Love watermelon? Well, this look is the perfect ode to that. Makeup is all about unleashing your inner artist and this does just that. And even if you want to keep it more wearable, just forget about the cheek makeup and focus on the eyes. Take a deep pink liquid lipstick and use it to draw a graphic liner on your lids and then smudge out the colour. Do this on your bottom lash line as well to create symmetry. Don’t forget to apply mascara and you’re summer-ready!

A Pop Of Colour Never Hurt Anyone

If you love experimenting with colour then this is a makeup look that you’ve gotta bookmark. Apply a neutral shadow to the crease and build up the colour using a deep maroon and black in the outer V. Add a glittery shade to your inner corners and a bright yellow line as a floating eyeliner. Put on a bright, berry lip and you’re all set to bombard your followers with a 100 selfies.

I Got My Peaches Out In Georgia

Peach makeup is all the rage on social media right now and this look is a fun twist on it. Doing a cut crease she kept the peach tones to the top part of the lid and filled the rest of it with a silver shade. She paired that with a peach blush and nude peach lipstick and looked hella stunning. Wanna look glamorous while running errands? This is the look to copy!

I Lilac You

Lilac is the colour of the season and from handbags to hair accessories, it’s everywhere. Sport a lilac makeup look this summer with some barbie pink lipstick and it’ll be a blast from the past. You can even take it up a notch by applying rhinestones to your lids like this Euphoria-inspired look.

All Pink, Everything

Since mask season doesn’t seem to show any signs of going away, might as well make the eyes the focus of your makeup. Prime your lids with eyeshadow and slowly build the pigment on your lids. You can even use a liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow all over for a summer-approved makeup look. Tightline your eyes, apply mascara and you’re ready for a photo sesh at home!

Which looks are you recreating this season?

Featured Image: Instagram