Sunshine State Of Mind: Yellow Makeup Products That'll Make You A Hit This Summer!

Sunshine State Of Mind: Yellow Makeup Products That'll Make You A Hit This Summer!

Yellow is such a stunning colour! It is the colour of sunshine, of sunflowers swaying in the wind, of happiness and joy. Think yellow eyeshadow, yellow nail paints, a yellow dress; it is indeed the colour of summer. A pop of it and the world feels a bit better to live in.

Summer is all about fresh blooms and bright shades and yellow fits the bill perfectly. If you're dabbling into the makeup world or wish to give your go-to nude shades a hearty break, allow us to convince you why you need to make room for yellow makeup products in your vanity.

Say Hello To Yellow 💛

When it comes to choosing a bright shade, most of us don't turn to yellow at first. But if you come to think of it, yellow is not a dirty fellow that everyone claims it to be but, in fact, a warm and gorgeous shade! Here are some yellow makeup products we are currently loving that will turn the 2020 gloom to bloom.


Yellow is a universal colour as it looks good on every skin tone. If you wish to make your eyes pop, look no further! You can apply it on the inner corner of your eyes or sweep all over the lids, the bottom line is that it won't disappoint!

Did you know that some colours (yellows, purples and even some reds) are really hard to lay on your lids? No matter how much you pay for that palette. The trick is to apply a base, either a concealer or an eyeshadow primer for maximum impact, or get a cream-based eyeshadow in that colour.


Paperlight Cream Eye Color - Yamabuki Yellow YE303


Nail Paint

Never underestimate the power of a second coat! Yellow nails look so bomb and are currently dominating our Instagram feeds! If you love changing your nail colour every now and then or wish to add a pop of colour to your life, say hello to yellow! Paint all your nails a solid yellow or go creative by painting only the tips, the sky's the limit!


Color Crush Nailart, M19 Sunny Yellow

INR 145 AT Lakme

Lip Balm

No, we aren't suggesting you try a yellow lipstick or lip balm that'll leave a yellow tint behind. We are talking about a yellow lip balm that'll turn your lips...not yellow. *Enter colour changing products!* aka a lip balm that'll change colours according to your mood. How cool is that?! Imagine taking it out of your makeup pouch and applying it in public. People would have to double-take.


LIT - pH Lip Balm - Main Squeeze

INR 345 AT MyGlamm

And if you love to try eccentric colours, you do you, boo! Do yellow like Jlo.


Add a summer-approved touch to your makeup by replacing your basic black liner with a peppy, yellow one. Just one stroke on your lids for an exaggerated cat-eye or on your waterline for a sultry-summery look and you're ready to stun as you go out and have some fun!


Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection 08, Limoncello

INR 800 AT Lakme Absolute

Makeup Sponge

Behind a seamless finish, there is a makeup product that made it all possible--a makeup sponge! The original 'pink egg' has come a long way. You can now shop for makeup sponges in so many fun colours! Might I suggest yellow, fellow?


Makeup Sponge - Joy

INR 2,000 AT Beauty Blender

Hair Dye

This quarantine has turned most of us into DIY queens. From cutting our own bangs to chopping off the lengths, we're here for it. If you haven't indulged in any of this (yet), how about making a temporary mistake that you can most definitely rectify?! We're talking about temporary hair colours, of course! And who knows, you might end up loving your yellow hair! Either way, it certainly will make quarantine more interesting.


Semi-Permanent Color Cream Electric Banana

INR 1,500 AT Manic Panic

Featured Image: Instagram, Pinterest