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Step Cut Vs Layer Cut: Everything To Know Before You Book Your Next Hair Appointment

Step Cut Vs Layer Cut: Everything To Know Before You Book Your Next Hair Appointment

Honestly, every time I walk into a salon, I get confused about which haircut to get and end up giving jumbled up instructions to the hairdresser. He in turn does his own thing and my hair ends up looking like a huge mess. While it does look okay when it’s freshly salon-styled, one head wash and it seems to have a mind of its own. So, I decided that I would research haircuts and styles a bit more to see what suits me. One of the most basic questions I had was about the difference between layer cut and step cut. If you’re in the same boat, then you’ve come to the right place cause I’m going to give you a detailed analysis.

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What Is A Step Cut?

step cut hair



When trying to understand what is the difference between step cut and layer cut, it’s first essential to know what each one is. 

Step cutting is basically a term used to describe a haircut that takes the form of cascading steps. There is a very evidently sharp demarcation between the steps which leads to the factor of having a number of steps in the hair. Most people get a two-step haircut where the shortest layer is just above the shoulders and the other one is a few inches below it. 

It is definitely one of the most popular haircuts and is done in a way that it looks extremely glamorous. It’s the go-to hairstyle for people with thick or wavy hair. In this, the hairdressers cut with precision so that every section of the hair is clearly visible and the gaps or spacing between each step is very noticeable. 

When people choose two steps, the first step can be below the ears and the second at the shoulders. Otherwise, people can go for the shoulders as the first and a few inches below it for the second. When they want to add more texture to the hair they go for three steps. 

The haircut looks very bouncy and doesn’t make the hair look flat. In fact, a lively movement is added to the strands. It also shapes the face beautifully and brings attention directly to it. It looks super chic when styled with loose curls or when it’s straightened because then it brings out the jawline and neck too.

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What Is A Layer Cut?

Layer Cut Hair


Now that we know step cut is, let’s learn about layer cut. This will simplify your conundrum between step cut vs layer cut.

Layer haircut is slightly different from a step haircut because there are no gaps between the layers. They are all usually blended together in such a way that a prominent demarcation cannot be seen. Great for people with straight hair, this one looks glam too. 

While a step haircut adds bounce to your hair, a layered haircut adds volume and gives the illusion of thicker hair strands. This is also easier to maintain because even when the hair grows out it doesn’t look too uneven. Because of this people with thin hair or long hair prefer layers to add volume to the crown. 

What Is The Difference Between Step Cut And Layer Cut?

Okay, let’s get into the differences between layer cut and step cut so that you can make a more informed decision.



Step Haircut

Layer Haircut

What does the haircut look like?

Usually has two to three steps with gaps of a few inches.

The layers blend in together and the gap isn’t noticeable or prominent.

Who is it best suited for?

Looks great on people with wavy and thick hair. 

Looks great on people with thin and straight hair.

What is the end result?

Makes the hair look very bouncy.

Makes the hair look voluminous and texturised. It even gives the illusion of longer hair.

How much spacing is there between each layer?

Usually, the first layer starts under the ear and the second is at the shoulders for medium length hair so a visible difference can be seen.

There isn’t any set gap between the layers. It’s more haphazard and the gap between the layers isn’t much. 

Looks best styled in which way?

Straightened hair or lose curls look great in this haircut.

Curls or waves through a curling iron or straight hair looks great in this haircut.

Final Verdict – Step Cut Vs Layer Cut

Well, honestly, it depends on your hairstyle preference and your hair type. For example, people with thin hair could look at a layered haircut to increase volume. The step cut vs layer cut is a confusing one but it obviously is your choice at the end of the day. 

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16 Dec 2020

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