#ChopChop: The Best Haircuts For Round Face Shape To Totally Transform Your Look!

best haircut for round face shape

A drastic makeover doesn’t necessarily mean changing your entire wardrobe, using heavy makeup and so on. Even just a simple haircut can make you look so different that people will need to do a double-check. But before you go and chop off your hair ---- yes, according to Google this is what many people did in 2020 ---- you need to take into consideration your face shape. Matching your haircut to your face shape is extremely important as the wrong cut can make you look worse instead of better. 
If you have a round-shaped face then you need to keep on reading. In this article, we’ve covered every hairstyle, from long, short and bobs, all of which are perfect for those who have round-shaped faces as they help accentuate the features. So scroll ahead to know more about the best haircut for round faces.

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    How To Tell If You Have A Round Face

    Not sure about your face shape? Those with round faces usually have a symmetrical face with the same width and length, and a more rounded jawline and chin. Cheekbones aren’t prominent on round faces and this face type has no major angles or edges. Famous celebs with round faces include Elizabeth Olsen, Mila Kunis, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Ginnifer Goodwin, Selena Gomez. Check out these haircuts for round faces. 

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    Short Hairstyles For Round Face Shape

    Planning on chopping it short? We’ve listed down short haircuts for round chubby faces that are perfect for you.          


    The Classic Pixie Cut

    If you’re tired of your long hair and want to get rid of it, take inspiration from Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson. The classic pixie cut is perfect for those with round faces as it accentuates the face while making you look more fashion-forward. 


    Short Bob with Added Highlights

    If you want it short but not pixie short, then the short bob is perfect. If this is not edgy enough for you, you can add highlights to add a more stylish touch to your look. You could either opt for subtle colours or go for something bolder like blue, green or purple.  


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    Asymmetrical Trendy Bob

    When it comes to searching for hairstyles for short hair, there is no shortage of options. For those who love all things edgy, the asymmetrical bob is perfect. When you add some bold hues to the roots, you’re guaranteed to steal the show wherever you go. 

    A-Line Bob with Bangs

    Those with round faces need to pick haircuts that slim down their features. Here’s where an A-line bob with bangs will work wonders. This hairstyle will showcase your jawline and emphasize your bone structure while slimming down your cheeks. 

    Short Layered Cut with Fringes

    If you want to soften your features, choose a short, layered cut with fringes if you have a round face shape. Fringes are a great way to slim down your round features and along with a layered hairstyle, you’re sure to look like you just stepped off the runway.

    Razored Angled Asymmetrical Bob

    This is the best short haircut for round faces. The razored angled asymmetrical bob screams bold and edgy. It is statement-making and oozes class and drama at the same time. If you want something that’s head-turning, this is just for you. If you’re going short, then we recommend this haircut.

    Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

    Check out these statement-making medium length haircuts for round faces. 

    Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

    A feathered layered medium length haircut for round face stretches out the neck and shapes your face. The layers in this hairstyle add more volume and bounce to the hair and also helps accentuate the face shape. Add curtain bangs if you really want to highlight your facial features.

    Classic Straight Bob

    You can’t go wrong with the classic bob. This haircut for the round-faced girl with medium hair will instantly make the face look longer and keeping the length to just below your chin will create the illusion of slender features. 

    Wispy Layered Cut

    Hair thinning can be troublesome for anyone, especially those with round faces as it makes the face look bigger. If you’re dealing with this hair issue, it’s best to get a wispy layered haircut as it will make your hair look more voluminous and soften your features. This is the best haircut for round face and thin hair. 

    Dishevelled Bob with Bangs

    A dishevelled bob with bangs is trendy and chic and even makes you look youthful. This bed-hair style with a fringe looks great on those with round-shaped faces as it softens the features.

    Inverted Shaggy Bob

    The inverted shaggy bob with side-swept bangs is perfect for those with a round face as it not only shows off the structure of the face but also heightens your finest features. If you’re looking for low maintenance medium haircuts for round faces, then give this hairstyle a try.

    Razored Shag Haircut with Straight Bangs

    The modern shag haircut with bangs adds a bit of edge and drama to your look, making it the ideal haircut for round face shapes. This haircut involves adding a wavy haircut by using a razor to get medium length layers of multiple sizes. 

    Curly Lob

    The curly lob along with bangs is perfect for those with round faces. This is quite a popular summer style especially for those who can’t stand the heat. This textured hairstyle accentuates the face shape, creating a glamorous, new look.

    Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

    If you don’t want to chop off your hair that’s not a problem. You can still get a glamorous makeover by embracing any of these long haircuts for round face.

    Classic Straight Lob

    The classic straight lob on a round face makes the wearer look refined and modern. You can also add a stylish twist by curling the tips. This haircut for the round face girl with medium hair will make her look stylish and chic. 

    Long Layered Hairstyle with Loose Curls

    If you have loose curls, then you can enhance your hairstyle by cutting it in layers and highlighting it to make it look richer and fuller.

    Natural Curls with Added Depth

    Natural curls look good on any face type, especially round face. Add some depth and dimension by opting for a layered cut.


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    Long Straight Hairstyle With Side-Swept Bangs

    For those who aren’t too confident about bangs or feel like you’ve outgrown them, you can try the side-swept bangs. You can go a bit further and add highlights to really get that much-needed makeover for your round face.

    Side-Parted Long Layered Hairstyle With Fringes

    Instead of just keeping your hair long, if you have a round face, you can enhance your features by creating a side parting along with a fringe to hide your forehead.

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