Thinking Of Getting A New Haircut? Let Your Zodiac Decide For You!

Thinking Of Getting A New Haircut? Let Your Zodiac Decide For You!

The pandemic has changed the beauty industry forever. Gone are the days when you could just walk into a beauty salon and get your hair and nails done. Today, you need to book an appointment, wear a mask, pay attention to hygiene and what not! Because these changes are new for us, many of us are still sceptical about visiting the salon. Some of us have even tried to chop our locks at home only to realise that it's best to leave it up to the professionals.

With salons slowly opening up and taking the proper safety precautions, getting a good haircut is now possible. If you're planning to get a haircut soon and you need a little bit of inspiration, seek help from the stars!  

This Is The Ideal Haircut To Get According To Your Zodiac Sign

Looking better = feeling better *Wink*

Aries - Curtain Bangs

A fire sign like you will totally fall in love with this '70s haircut. It's vintage, it's trendy and oh-so-refreshing. If you love your long locks, there's no need to chop it all off. Keep the length, but make sure you get bangs because that's where the statement is. 


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Taurus - Asymmetrical Lob

You are someone who rarely steps out of their comfort zone. Try something new for a change? A wavy asymmetrical lob will not only grab eyeballs but also fetch you a bunch of compliments. The best part is that you need poker-straight hair for it, a wavy lob looks killer as well!

Gemini - Glass Hair

'Go big or go home' has always been your motto. The glass haircut will not only make you look like a Kim Kardashian look alike but also make you feel part of the Kardashian fam as well. No doubt, it's a high maintenance hairstyle, but we bet there's no one out there who can pull it off better than you. 

Cancer - Textured Layers

You're a creative, sensitive person. A haircut with textured layers and bangs will bring out the best in your personality. To make the hair appear more voluminous, make sure that your hair is shoulder-length and nothing longer. 


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Leo - The Shag

You are bold and beautiful. A haircut that aligns with your personality is the shag. Shags aren't messy haircuts as long as you know how to style them. Just like the lion's majestic mane, your locks will empower you too. 

Virgo - The Pixie

Not everyone can pull off a pixie cut, but you're different. We believe that you can. You are coy, sexy and confident and coincidently, that's what the pixie cut is all about! If you've never chopped your locks this short before, there's always a first time! 

Libra - One-Length Cut

You're a perfectionist and practical about life in general. This one-length haircut is fuss-free and is easy to maintain. A safe and aesthetic haircut to sport to a date or a job interview.


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Scorpio - The French Bob

If you're bored and tired of your long locks, try an exciting haircut like this one! The French bob is not only a unique hairstyle but will also fetch you a few secret admirers as well. 

Saggitarius - Messy Bob

You're a rebel and a star in your own right. A haircut like this one will make you feel even more confident in your own skin and values. 

Capricorn - Tousled Lob

A classy person like you deserves a classy haircut as well! The tousled bob is a gorgeous haircut that suits almost every face shape. From afar, this haircut looks glamourous and stunning - just like you!

Pisces - Baby Bangs

You are the baby of the zodiac signs. An innocent heart with a kind soul. Baby bangs is a haircut, you definitely must sport! This haircut is bound to bring out the child in you. 

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Aquarius - Feathered With Love

This beautifully layered haircut is bound to make you feel like the centre of attention. Team this sassy haircut with caramel highlights and the boys are bound to holla at ya. 

Hope your zodiac sign helped you pick the perfect haircut!

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