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Step Into Spring With 12 Manicure Ideas For Your Nails

Step Into Spring With 12 Manicure Ideas For Your Nails

My favourite time of the year is here and I am super excited! It’s the month of full blooms everywhere and the bright floral colours are a whole vibe. Since I am obsessed with these dopamine-inducing shades, I found the perfect way to translate them to my nails.

Here’s a peek into my spring manicure mood board. Go ahead and screenshot the ones you like already!

Ft. Cadbury Gems

Bringing the brightest pastels to life, this manicure is great for someone who wants to keep it simple but also wants to hop on the spring trend.

Use the POPxo Makeup – Dreamin’ Mini Nail Kit to get cutesy pastel nails like this one.


Pink Blossoms For Short Nails

Who says nail art can only come to life on longer nails? This floral manicure is proof that you can go ahead and get a dainty nail art done on your natural nails without getting any extensions.

French Tips But Make It Pop

Why stick to a basic French manicure when you can go all out with this?

The POPxo Makeup Mini Nail Kit in Vacay has all the colours you need to make it pop!

Spring Nails For The Nerds

A fan of aliens, superheroes and graphic nails? This nail art design brings it all together for you!


Dainty Blush Nails

Blush nails are trending and hot RN and here’s a great way to add spring colours to them!

Use a dotting tool and the POPxo Makeup Hustlin’ Mini Nail to get those cute little flowers on your base.

Moss Green For Spring

Okay, this manicure is a class apart and the moss green is just right for this season. Plus the green looks so elegant, I can tell this colour is going to be big!

’90s Swirls With A Spring Twist

I am a ’90s baby and I love swirls. But my manicurist had this screenshot that was a mix of pink swirls and a couple of cute flowers and I instantly wanted it for spring.


The POPxo Makeup Nykaa Pretty Pink Mini Nail Kit has all the shades you’ll need to get on with this Y2K trend!

Spring Mani For Minimalists

A minimalist’s dream come true, this yellow and peach minimal manicure has my heart and is perfect for spring!

Chrome Nails Tailormade For Spring

Chrome nails are a favourite among GenZ right now and I can see why. This rainbow-coloured chrome nail mani makes it all the more loveable.

The Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish in Cancun by MyGlamm can be a great shade to try this chrome nail trend.


Reverse French Mani FTW

Another minimalist beauty nail look, this reverse French manicure is adorable and the colours really bring out the spring vibes!

Neon Nails Are Back

Neon nails can never go out of style – especially if it is green neon. And considering Spring is all about greenery, I stan this one!

No other nail paint will do justice to this spring mani except the Neon Dreams by MyGlamm.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms on nails? Yes, please!


BRB, booking my appointment for this month!

Featured Image: Instagram

27 Mar 2023

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